I Am Thankful For Worksheet for Kids – Free Printable

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Here’s a Free Printable Thanksgiving writing activity – I Am Thankful For Worksheet for Kids! Kids can use one of two templates to fill in things they’re thankful for that represent each letter of the alphabet. This worksheet is perfect for children in Kindergarten and above. Teachers can use this as classwork, homework or a bonus writing assignment the week of Thanksgiving. Parents can also use this for fun at home or for homeschool work.

Download the two FREE templates below!

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Thanksgiving Writing Activity

During the month of November, it’s the perfect time to discuss being thankful with kids. Whether you’re doing it at home or in a classroom, kids can really benefit from activities about being grateful. It’s a great way to reflect and really focus on what matters the most to them.

That’s why I love this writing activity. Kids can use this I Am Thankful Worksheet to write out things they’re thankful for. The fun part is they have to find something for each letter of the alphabet. It makes them really think, focus and hone in on what’s important to them. When they’re done, they’ll have down 26 things! Some letters will be tougher than others but I’m sure kids can fill in the entire page.

Free Printable I Am Thankful Worksheet

Click the button below to download the FREE printable PDF I Am Thankful Worksheet. There are 2 templates included, both are the same with a different Fall icon at the top. One is a cute squirrel and the other is a classic turkey. Choose one or both!

thanksgiving writing i am thankful worksheet free pdf

If you’re doing this at home, consider doing one as a family. It’s easier to fill the page when more than one person is contributing. Plus, it’s a fun family activity! When it’s complete, hang it up somewhere the whole family will see it. If someone is having a hard day at home, take time to go over the I Am Thankful Worksheet together and talk it out.

For teachers, use this as classwork or homework in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. For older kids, encourage them to use the things they list on this worksheet as a brainstorm for a longer writing assignment. Kids can choose some of the things they’re thankful for to write a story and practice writing skills.

i am thankful for worksheet for kids

I hope you love this Thanksgiving writing activity and use it with your kids or students. If you do, share it on social media and tag me so I can see it! Find me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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