Free Printable Valentine Board Game – Just Print and Play!

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Find a FREE Printable Valentine Board Game kids will love to play in this post! It’s fun and easy to put together. Perfect for kids of any age to enjoy for Valentine’s Day.

My kids and I love Valentine’s Day and I always try to make it extra special. It’s such a happy holiday so I pull out all the stops. This year I created a fun game for us to play together. My boys are now at the age where they want to learn all the board games so this is perfect for us for family game nights. If your kids are like mine, they will love this game too!

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Free Printable Valentine Board Game

This Valentine game is a really classic and simple board game. The PDF below includes the playing board, game cards, and a spinner. Print each page and laminate for longevity. Then, store all the pieces in a plastic zippered bag for easy access.

Click on the image below for your FREE printable.

For personal use only.

free printable valentine board game pdf

After printing the PDF and laminating the pieces, set up spinner. Use a brass fastener and a paper clip to make it easier to spin the arrow. Just attach the arrow to the paperclip with a piece of tape or hot glue. This way you can flick the paper clip and it will spin smoothly. However, if you don’t want to use the spinner, feel free to use a dice. It works just fine too!

Now that you have everything ready you just need chips, tiles, counters or anything you like to use as markers for the players. My favorite are the themed tiny erasers from Target. You get a ton got only $1 and they make the best game pieces. Here are some other options:

How to Play

Game rules are simple; be the first player to reach the finish with 1 heart card of each color. I like easy to understand rules because you can play as is or customize a bit to make it harder for older kids. This Valentine Board Game is great for preschool aged kids but can be adapted for elementary kids as well. For example, if everything is laminated, use a dry erase marker to add numbers, letters, math equations, etc. Turn the game into a fun learning opportunity!

valentine board game pieces

However you play it, I hope you enjoy this Valentine Board Game as much as my kids and I do. If you’re a teacher, this is a great activity to do with your class the week of Valentine’s Day. Also works for homeschool!

valentine board game pieces

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