Dollar Tree Valentine Craft You Can Make in under 10 Minutes

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Here is an an easy Dollar Tree Valentine Craft you can make in under 10 minutes or less!

Valentine’s Day is near so it’s time to bring out all the love themed crafts! I have to be honest, I really love Valentine’s Day. It’s such a fun and simple holiday. When the stores took out the pink and red decor I literally squealed with joy!

The other day I was perusing one of my favorite spots and was quickly inspired to make a craft. Here is my Dollar Tree Valentine Craft using conversation heart stickers to transform a LOVE hanging sign.

dollar tree valentine craft pin image

How to make an easy Dollar Tree Valentine Craft

This conversation hearts LOVE sign will look great anywhere in your house, playroom, classroom or even work space. Another great option is removing the string and setting on a mantle or table as an accent piece.

Supplies Needed

  • Dollar Tree LOVE wood sign
  • 1 Pack Conversation Heart Foam Stickers (90 count)
  • White paint (or any color you prefer)
  • Paint Brush


  1. Gather materials and prep a space for painting.
  2. Paint the LOVE sign white on one side and wait for it to dry before painting the other side. Make sure to paint every nook and cranny of the sign!
  3. When the sign is completely dry, start setting up the stickers and begin applying them to the front of the sign. Go in any order or pattern you prefer. I tried to stick to a color pattern but then filled in wherever I saw empty spaces with any color.
  4. Optional: continue along the back of the sign. I didn’t do this but you can if you want to. One pack of stickers is enough for the front only so you will need more stickers if you choose to do the back too.

It’s important to note that I only used two light coats of paint because I wanted some of the “wood” to show through the white. I was going for a little bit of a rustic look and it worked. Feel free to paint as little or as much as you want to achieve your desired look.

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To make some of the stickers fit properly I had to curve them along the edges and it was really easy to do. These foam stickers are pretty thin and can be easily manipulated. However, I think I will need to use  Mod Podge to seal all the stickers in if they start to loosen so it lasts.

conversation heart stickers love sign DIY

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This Dollar Tree Valentine Craft is great for kids too! There’s no glue required so it’s a pretty mess-free DIY. As a mom, I always appreciate easy cleanup. It’s also great for play-dates, classrooms, or if you need a “keep them busy for a few moments” craft.

conversation heart sticker craft
dollar tree love sign craft

If you try this craft, I’d love to see it! Shout me out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so I can see your version of this Dollar Tree DIY.



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