Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft with Free Printable Template

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Make this easy Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft with your kids for the holidays! A free printable template is included to make it even easier for you. This is a perfect quick, low-prep activity to try for Christmas. It’s a simple paper craft kids of all ages will love! Plus, the trees turn out so cute you’ll want to set them up everywhere and show them off.

Find the Free Printable template below.

paper cone christmas tree craft pin image

Easy Paper Cone Christmas Trees

If you’re looking for a no-fuss craft idea for your kids for Christmas, you have to try this one. Paper Cone Christmas Trees are not only easy to make, they’re fun and look so cute! You can customize them anyway you like and decorate with tons of materials. I love this activity for kids of all ages from toddlers to high school. They can get as creative as they want and make some amazing little paper trees.

How to Make Paper Cone Christmas Trees

Begin by clicking the button below and downloading the free printable template. Then, print on white light cardstock paper for best results. Now you’re ready to get crafty!

  1. Cut out the cone template.
  2. Color or paint the template any color you like. I chose green to keep it classic Christmas tree themed.
  3. When the template is dry, fold the edge with the dotted lines and form into a cone. Secure with glue or tape.
  4. Decorate the cone with stickers, poms, paper, glitter, anything you like!
  5. Top it off by gluing a paper star on top and you’re done!
  6. Repeat for as many trees as you want to make.

Try this at your next Christmas event, party, playdate, or gathering with lots of kids present. It’ll keep them entertained and they’ll have some awesome trees of their own.

Teachers, this is also a great idea for your students! Especially during those final days before Winter Break when all the kids are getting antsy. Plus, they get to take those cute trees home!

paper cone christmas trees

I hope you use this Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft this holiday season! If you do, share it on social media and tag me so I can see it! Find me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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