Pin The Wattle On The Turkey – Free Printable Thanksgiving Game

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This Pin The Wattle On The Turkey Free Printable Thanksgiving Game is the perfect way to add some extra fun to your Thanksgiving day! It’s a twist on the classic pin the tail party game we all have loved for years. The turkey is missing his wattle and he needs help getting it back! Kids can take turns doing their best to add the wattle as close to the beak as possible while blindfolded. It’s a fun and simple game the whole family can enjoy for the holiday.

Find the free download below!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Game

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for getting together with the whole family. However, it can often be a very long day with a lot of waiting around for food. I know we all have our electronics to keep us busy but I love good old device free activities for days like this. I like setting up coloring pages, activity sheets, and games for the kids (and kids at heart) to stay entertained.

This turkey game is perfect for everyone to play on Thanksgiving! It’s easy for all ages, low prep and a fun way to get guests up and moving before or after dinner.

Pin The Wattle On The Turkey

Remember the classic Pin The Tail from back in the day? Well, this is a fun twist on that game we all know and love. Instead of a tail, you have to pin the wattle on the turkey! In case you don’t know, a wattle is the long, red, fleshy growth under a turkey’s throat. Both female and male turkeys have wattles and they’re very important for them during mating season. Basically, turkeys are not complete without their wattles! That’s why we have to make sure our turkey has one.

pin the wattle on the turkey free pdf

Game Rules

The rules are simple and just like the traditional game we are used to. Each player takes a wattle and writes their name or initial on it. Then, they are blindfolded, spun around a few times and must do their best to pin the wattle where it belongs. The player who gets closest to the beak wins!

Feel free to make your own rules and have fun with it. Adjust as needed by age of players too. For example, if you have mostly toddlers and preschoolers, you can give extra chances or omit spinning them around. The point is to have a good time and make it work for you.

How to Print the Pin The Wattle On The Turkey Game

Start by clicking the button below to download the PDF for FREE. For personal use only! Then choose to print at home or send to a local printer like FedEx. This file is made up of 2 posters – the turkey and the wattles. The poster size is 18 x 24 inches.

pin the wattle on the turkey game

If you choose to print at home, simply click the poster option under page sizing & handling in the print window. It will print in 6 pages and you can just tape them together to make the large poster. I like to take heavy duty clear packing tape and cover the poster as a way to laminate it. It’ll last and then I can use it over and over!

This is also a great game for teachers to use in their classrooms in the days before the Thanksgiving break. Do it with the whole class or break up into small groups and make it a competition. I suggest laminating everything even the wattles to reuse year after year. Students can use dry erase markers to write their name on the wattle so you know who wins.

pin the wattle on the turkey thanksgiving game

I hope you love this Thanksgiving game and use it with your family or students. If you do, share it on social media and tag me so I can see it! Find me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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