Halloween Coloring Tablecloth and Poster for Kids – Free Printable

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Happy Halloween! If you’re having kids over for a party, or you just want to add an easy festive touch to your kitchen table, this is for you. Grab this FREE PRINTABLE Halloween Coloring Tablecloth for your kids! It’s a super easy and low prep way to add décor and a kids activity in one.

Find two different versions below for you to download for free and have printed in large poster size. Kids will love having their own big coloring page as a tablecloth!

free printable halloween coloring tablecloth for kids pin image

Halloween Coloring Tablecloth

I love adding extra magic to holidays for my kids. It makes simple moments special and they love it! But I prefer low prep, easy to do ideas because I’m a busy mom of two. That’s one reason I enjoy making free printables. I know busy parents need quick and easy activities for their kids but they don’t have a lot of time to set up.

My kids love my coloring pages (I love it too honestly) and I already have Halloween Coloring Pages, Halloween Coloring Bookmarks, and a Halloween Activity and Coloring Book available. The next logical step was making a large page to use as a tablecloth. We can use it as a family and all have fun coloring together for Halloween.

How to Print and Use the Halloween Coloring Tablecloth and Poster

There are two versions to choose from below; coloring tablecloth and large poster. Click on the button for the file you want to download. Both are sized 36×48 inches (or 3×4 feet) for reference and both can be used a tablecloth or poster. For best results, send to a local printer like FedEx and choose architectural print. Price varies by location but mine was about $9 and it looked amazing!

These are great for classroom use too!

free printable halloween coloring tablecloth poster
Printable Halloween Coloring Tablecloth

I made this to be kind of a mirrored image so kids on any side of a table can see the same things. This way anywhere a child sits they have a chance to color the same pictures and see the Happy Halloween sign. This can also be used as a poster just put it on the wall or floor for kids to color.

halloween coloring tablecloth free printable
Printable Halloween Coloring Large Poster

The large poster version has all images facing the same way. Use tape or pins to attach it to a wall, provide a bucket of crayons and markers and let kids have at it! Don’t have a wall to use? Lay it on the floor and kids will love it! This one can also be used as a tablecloth and works perfectly for that as well.

More Ideas for Using the Halloween Tablecloth Printable

If you love these designs but can’t get them printed in large sizes, feel free to download and print these at home. Just choose “fit to page” or “fit to printable area” for your at home printer and you have some great coloring pages for Halloween!

Another good idea is to use the template for Halloween cards to send with treat bags. Print these in a smaller size like 4×8 inches or 4×4 inches. Then, pair them with my DIY Halloween Treat Bags (also a free printable!) for the cutest goodies!

I hope you love this idea and use this printable Halloween Coloring Tablecloth and poster with your kids!  If you do, share it on social media and tag me so I can see it! Find me on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.



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