How to Make a Craft Stick Spider Web Using Yarn

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Learn how to make a simple craft stick spider web using yarn! This is a great last minute craft activity to do for Halloween. You can make it with kids, as a classroom activity, or even a large version to use as spooky decoration. Of course it’s perfect for Halloween but you can also do this with kids learning about spiders and spider webs. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great activity for working those fine motor skills.

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Craft Stick & Yarn Spider Web

For this easy craft, you’ll only need craft sticks, yarn, some hot glue and plastic spider rings. That’s it! It’s so simple but makes a big impact. You can find craft sticks and yarn at your local Dollar Tree or any craft store which makes this a very affordable activity. However, if you’re planning on doing this with a lot of kids or a classroom, I suggest buying in bulk from Amazon.

How to Make a Spider Web Using Craft Sticks and Yarn

  1. Gather your materials and cover your workspace to protect it from the hot glue.
  2. Create the base of the web with 3 craft sticks – place 2 sticks to make an X and then then the third one in the middle of those. You should have 6 points total.
  3. Hot glue your sticks to each other and make sure they’re secure.
  4. Start adding the yarn by tying one piece towards the middle and make a knot. I used white but feel free to use any color you like.
  5. Then, wrap the yarn around each stick over, under, over, under until complete. Make sure you are working your way from the middle out.
  6. Secure with a knot and top with a plastic spider ring!
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Kids can really have fun making their own spider webs how they like. They can make it more spread out or pack in more yarn. They can also choose to color or paint their sticks. It’s really all about making it their own and having fun with it.

If you’re trying this idea in a larger size for spooky decoration, consider using thing wooden dowels or bamboo sticks. Pair that with thicker yarn and a bigger fake spider for the full effect.

craft stick spider web plastic spider rings

I hope you love this craft stick spider web idea and try it with your kids or students. I love making these every year with my sons for spooky season!

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