Make Your Own Spooky Cute Free Printable Halloween Treat Bags

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Have the best treats around with your own spooky cute Free Printable Halloween Treat Bags! These mini treat bags are perfect for trick or treat, classroom goodies, or giving out to friends and family. All you need to do is download the file, print the ones you like, cut and tape together. Fill with the treat of your choice and you’re ready for Halloween!

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How to Make Your Own Treat Bags for Halloween

I love sending treats with my kids’ for their classmates on Halloween. Whether it’s candies or non-candy options, it’s fun for them to surprise their friends with something for the holiday. I knew I had to create some of my own so I put together a 20 page PDF with 40 treats bags! This printable is made up of 5 colors and themes all Halloween symbols. There lots of options to choose from or you can use them all!

Free Printable Halloween Treat Bags

Click on the button button below for your Free printable. You’ll find 5 different themes with each color:

  • Orange – Jack-O-Lanterns
  • Purple – Ghosts
  • Blue – Bats
  • Green – Spiders
  • Pink – Spooky

Feel free to print the whole PDF or just your favorites. Keep in mind each page is made up 2 treat bags.

DIY printable halloween treat bags

How to Put Your DIY Treat Bags Together

Here’s how to easily put together the DIY Halloween Treat Bags after printing:

  • Cut out each bag template. They’re rectangles so you can use a paper cutter to make it easier.
  • Start by folding over one part of the rectangle towards the middle and do the same with the other part. You want one piece to overlap with the other a bit. Make sure to fold and crease the edges.
  • Check to make sure you’re not folding over too much where the design is not seen on the front.
  • Open the paper flat again with the design side down. Use a craft tape runner along the bottom edge and fold over the left side.
  • Then run tape along the middle (on top of the side folder over) and fold over the right side on top. Now you should have a bag!
  • Fill with treats and glue the top shut (this is optional, you can leave the top open). Hand out for Halloween!

What to Fill Your Treat Bags With

Since these are more like mini sized treat bags, I suggest using small candies or bite sized versions. I was able to fit 2-3 small candies in each comfortably. You can also do non-candy goodies as long as they’re also small. Here are some great options for what to put inside these cute bags.




I hope these Free Printable Halloween Treat Bags are a part of your holiday festivities! If you use them, I’d love for you to share it on social media and tag me so I can see it. Find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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