Free Printable Halloween Pencil Toppers

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Here’s a non-candy Halloween treat idea that’s super easy and really affordable. Give out themed pencils with my Free Printable Halloween Pencil Toppers! They’re great to use as classroom gifts for your child’s classmates in lieu of candy. Teachers can also use them to give to their students as a fun treat!

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Halloween Pencil Toppers

I’m always looking for easy gift ideas for my kids’ classes for the holidays. I want it to be inexpensive, simple to put together but still look good. Functional items are always a good idea because they’re less likely to throw them away and more likely to use them! The parents appreciate that for sure.

Themed pencils are a great option for class goodies for all the reasons above. Kids love them! You can find fun pencils at Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart and any big box store with a holiday section. I’ve linked some good choices from Amazon below.

Free Printable Pencil Toppers for Halloween

I created a totally FREE printable PDF with 12 pencils toppers for you to use with those fun pencils. They can of course also be used with standard plain pencils too! It’s just a little more festive to have those cool designs.

Print out the PDF on 8.5×11 inch card stock for sturdier toppers. Cut them out carefully and then cut the slits where the dotted lines show. I suggest using a cutting mat and a craft knife. Then, slowly push the bottom of the pencil through the top slit and behind the topper to the slit at the bottom. You want the topper middle section to show the most so the pencil is behind it. It’s super easy to do just careful not to break the toppers when doing this.

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You’ll find 12 toppers in the printable, 2 of each 6 different designs. They are made for pencils but can also be used as gift tags or as a straw topper. Print them on sticker paper and use as a way to close a gift bag!

I hope you love these Halloween pencil toppers and use them for the holiday! If you do, share it on social media and tag me so I can see it. Find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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