How to Make an Easy DIY Halloween Sensory Bin Kids Will Love to Play With

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Here I’m sharing how to make an easy DIY Halloween Sensory Bin your kids will love to play with! Using inexpensive items, you can put together a great bin for your kids in very little time! Sensory play is so important for kids of all ages. They have fun and work on their development skills at the same time. It’s even more fun to make themed seasonal bins. I love putting some simple ones together for holidays and special occasions like this Fall Sensory Bin I recently did.

Read on to learn how to make another fun and easy sensory bin for kids!

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What You Need to Make a Halloween Sensory Bin

First things first, you need to gather materials. With this being Halloween theme, here are some items I recommend:

  • Black beans (kinetic sand, pasta, rice or water beads)
  • Mini bouncy balls
  • Spooky fingers
  • eyeballs
  • skeletons
  • worms or creepy crawlers
  • Spider rings
  • Mini bats
  • Items for scooping (spoons, cups)

My top spot for sensory bin items is always Dollar Tree. It’s budget friendly and they have a great selection. I was able to make two personal bins for my kids using mostly Dollar Tree items. The purple bins, black beans, spiders and hands are all from there.

The rest is all from Target aka the best store ever! Their holiday section is so good and it’s where I found a lot of the creepy crawlers.

How to Put Together Your Sensory Bin

First pick a bin you like. I found two Halloween buckets at Dollar Tree that worked perfectly. Then, add your filler about 1/3 of the way. I picked dried black beans because the color worked with the theme and it’s easy to work with.

Next step is adding in any of those extra themed items you like! Depending on your child’s age, you can keep to just a handful of things or add more. It’s totally up to you to customize.

When you’re done with the filler and toys, top it with scooping items. I used themed paper cups and little glow in the dark skeleton hands! You can use wooden spoons, silicone tongs, tiny rake or fork and anything you have on hand. The purpose of these tools is for kids to practice scooping, filling, and exploring those important skills.

diy halloween sensory bin for kids

I hope this inspires you to make your own sensory bin this Halloween. It’s so easy and your kids will love it! Check out my Instagram Reel to see me make this in real time. If you recreate this, tag me on social media so I can see it. Find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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