The Best Kids Craft Kits on Amazon

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I rounded up the very best kids craft kits on Amazon that you have to check out! If you’re looking for affordable craft kits for your kids, this is the post for you. Plus, they’re all under $25! These are great options to have on hand for summer break, winter break, rainy days or boredom busters.

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kids crafts kits on amazon

The Best Craft Kits on Amazon Under $25

Rock Painting Kit – 10 rocks for painting are included in this arts and craft kit! This intro to rock painting kit is great for adult beginners and kids alike. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Window Art – Make your windows pop with 20 whimsical window art creations! Color 12 suncatcher shapes and create custom transfers with vibrant suncatcher paints!

Wooden Magnets – It includes 26 pieces of wooden magnets, 2 sets of color paints, 4 brushes and 2 glitter decorations, everything your kids need to create their own painting masterpiece.

Dinosaur Soap Lab Create 6 of your own dino soaps: Are your kids dinosaur fans? Make a T-rex, Styracosaurus and Stegosaurus!

ABC Beads – Create over 40 different jewelry designs to wear and share.

DIY Slime KitJumbo Slime Making Kit Includes 18 different colored slimes, 3 cutting/shaping utensils, 2 plastic straws, 12 vials of colored glitter, 2 bags of sugar paper, 3 bags of beads, 6 bags of foam balls.

Marbling PaintUnleash & spark your creativity: Instead of painting on paper or canvas, try painting on… water! 

Shrink KraftsCreate adorable charms and keychains for you and your friends with Kool Krafts!

Wooden Cars Make each car unique with different color schemes, stickers and more!

wooden cars kit

Art Supply Kit Everything you need is all in one jar so your kids could create art to their heart’s content.

WeavingUse brightly colored weaving loops to express your creativity and style!

DIY Bouncy BallsUnique Arts and Crafts Set comes with all the supplies needed for kids to create their very own mini Magic Power Balls.

There you have a great list to choose from with the best craft kits for kids to get on Amazon right now. These are excellent ideas for birthdays, holidays, or just to have on hand.



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