How to Organize a Small Craft Space

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If you need to know how to organize a small craft space this is the post for you. I love crafting and have always wanted a dedicated space for it but I only have a little tiny nook area I can use. So I had to get really creative and turn my itty bitty spot into a workable craft space. I’m sharing how I did it and all my best tips so you can use them too!

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Tips for Organizing a Small Craft Area

It can be overwhelming trying to organize a tiny space. Is there enough room? How much will fit? Is it enough for me? These are all questions I asked myself before tackling my craft area. I am a full time digital content creator and make DIYs, kids crafts and activities for my blog and social media. I needed a permanent place at home where I could make crafts, film videos, shoot photos and store all my materials. It also needed to fit in this small area and be functional for daily use. This is what inspired me to create my little crafting oasis so to speak.

Whether you have a little spot in your bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, or you need a mobile area, here are my best tips.

  • Analyze the space and measure everything – before you start buying products and bins, measure the whole area first. You don’t want to get discouraged before you even start and knowing exactly how much space you have is key.
  • Take inventory – create a list of everything you currently have that needs to go into the space.
  • Make a Wishlist – this is everything you want to get for the space that you don’t currently own. For example, storage, craft supplies, and decor will be on the Wishlist.
  • Use what you have FIRST – this is important because it will help you decide what you really want from the Wishlist and what you can let go of from your inventory list.
  • Purge – don’t be afraid to let go of items that no longer work for you, serve a purpose or have a spot in your new space. Donate what you can and trash the rest.
  • Focus on FUNCTIONALITY – I love a pretty space but FUNCTION is always more important when you don’t have a lot of room to work with.
  • Be open to change – if your space isn’t working for you anymore, change it! Create a spot that you can grow with and change as needed.

The Best Organizing Products for Small Craft Areas

My secret to keeping my craft space organized is using great storage and movable carts. Since I have a corner nook, I needed rolling carts to be able to move around easily with big drawers.

Here’s a look at my space! All products will be linked below.

small craft space organization
A look at my tiny craft corner

Rolling Cart with Tray – I use 2 of these for storage and as a workspace. My Cricut lives on one of these and fits perfectly.

Metal Utility Cart – I use mine for storing paint, markers, tools, and my Cricut heat press.

Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic Bag Holder – great for rolls of vinyl!

Clear Plastic Storage Caddy

Organizer Tote Bag – perfect for a mobile craft space

Stackable Storage Container

Peg Board – great for maximizing wall space!

I hope these tips and products help you create the best craft space even if it is really small. I’ve learned to really love my tiny area and look forward to working in it daily. Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about having an organized functional space that works for YOU!



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