How to DIY Target Dollar Spot Wood Ornaments for the Holidays

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I have the easiest craft for you to spruce up your Christmas tree. With only a few dollars, you can make beautiful DIY Target Dollar Spot Wood Ornaments that everyone will love. All it takes is a few supplies, a little bit of time and for less than $10 you can make personalized ornaments for your tree. The best part is, you can find everything you need at Target!

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diy wooden tree ornaments

How to DIY Wood Ornaments from Target Dollar Spot

First things first, head to your local Target store and check the Dollar Spot aka Bullseye’s Playground. Next, find the plain wooden tree ornaments. They are $1 a piece and the side is already painted in gold glitter. These ornaments are a hot commodity right now so if you can’t find them try this 50 pack from Amazon. Any wooden shaped ornament works for this but I love the tree.

Materials Needed

Next, find the 8 count pack of wood shapes. You can see in the photo above it includes 4 different holiday words. These are very fragile and have an adhesive on the back that I did not put to use.

The only other things you need are acrylic paint (color of your choosing), any paintbrush you like and a hot glue gun. Now all there is left to do is put it all together. First is painting each item.

I used a sponge type brush to make the paint on the tree have some texture. Gold paint worked since the sides of the tree already had gold glitter on them. Then, I painted the words green and red to keep with the traditional Christmas theme.

Once each item is painted on both sides and dry, use the hot glue gun to add the word to the tree. I angled mine to give it some dimension but you can glue it on however you prefer. That’s it! The craft is done and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, handmade ornament for your Christmas tree.

Hang these on your tree and enjoy! You can also make a bunch and give as gifts with a gift card. Another fun idea is to host a craft night with friends and make these ornaments together.

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