Fall Art Activity for Kids Free Printable Worksheet

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Here you’ll find a simple Fall Art Activity for Kids with Free Printable Worksheet. Kids can explore different mediums to create their own Fall tree. This is a great activity sheet for art class or just for fun.

My kids love Art class and creating art using different materials. Their love of art inspired me to create this fun activity sheet. It’s a great way for kids to compare 4 mediums and make their own Fall tree with each one. Download the free printable worksheet below.

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Fall Art Activity for Kids Free Printable Worksheet

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fall art activity worksheet

How to Use the Fall Art Activity Worksheet

Once you’ve printed the worksheet, provide your child (or students) with the 4 mediums. Make sure they have watercolors, color pencils, crayons and paper available. Also, provide scissors and glue for the paper section.

Explain the directions on the page and let your child take it from there. Let them express their creativity to make their very own Fall tree. The only two rules are to stay within the designated square for each material and not to mix them. For example, in the watercolor square they are to only use watercolor and noting else.

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During the activity, discuss the differences between the materials being used. Talk about the texture, how the colors look, what is easier to use and so on. It’s the perfect time to review color theory too! My son chose red, yellow and orange a lot so we talked about warm colors. He recently learned about the color wheel in art class so it was a good refresher.

Feel free to use this activity sheet as an art lesson with students or homeschool. You can also use it just for fun like we did!

fall art worksheet for kids

I hope you love this free printable worksheet as much as I do! If you print and use it, share and tag me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. It really makes me so happy to see families and teachers using my ideas with their kids.

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