Free Printable Halloween Countdown Activity For Kids

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If you’re excited about Halloween I have the best activity for you! Here you’ll find a FREE printable Halloween Countdown to use with your kids.

Can you believe it will be October soon?! I had to check the calendar multiple times just so it would hit me September is almost done and it’ll soon be time for all things pumpkin & Halloween. I for one am beyond excited for Fall and can’t wait to celebrate the season!

halloween countdown printable flat lay

Free Printable Halloween Countdown

One of my favorite things about Fall is Halloween and my kids love it too. I mean, what kid doesn’t like to play dress up right? It’s such a fun day and they get to gorge on candy. What’s not to like? I get more excited now as a mom seeing my kids plan their costumes and count down the days until Halloween. It makes the holiday more interactive and we look forward to it even more.

My kids and I have such a good time counting down for special days so I created this easy & cute ghost printable! All you need is the printable, glue of your choice, cotton balls (or anything you’d like to glue to the numbers) and a place to keep it easily accessible to work on it the month of October. That’s it!

Fun and Educational Ghost Countdown

The ghost has 30 numbers to countdown from October 1st, 30 days until Halloween. We will start on number 30 October 1st but filled one out just for fun now. I placed the numbers out of order as a learning opportunity.

The boys had fun finding the numbers and counting up and down from 30. Before they glued anything on, they placed cotton balls on the numbers to count and we talked about how some of the circles are smaller than others.

Free Printable Halloween Countdown
My kids adding cotton balls to the ghost countdown

At the end of the month it should look like a puffy white ghost! My kids wanted to just use cotton balls for the whole thing but you can use anything you have like tissue paper, dotting (bingo) markers, buttons, paper scraps, etc… For the word Boo (numbers 1 & 2) you can even use cotton balls painted in black!

It’s all about making it your own & having a good time!

Free Printable Halloween Countdown
My sons holding their finished puffy ghost

Click the image below for your FREE printable Halloween Coloring Bookmarks.

For personal use only.

Boo Halloween Countdown

I hope you love these free printable activity as much as I do! If you print and use this, share and tag me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It really makes me so happy to see families using my ideas with their kids.

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