Decorate a Mask Worksheet Free Printable For Kids

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2020 is a strange year folks. Masks are a necessary accessory and we need them for going anywhere. I created a simple kids activity worksheet where kids can decorate a mask and make it fun! Whether learning at home or school, kids will learn about covid-19 during science and social studies this year and maybe even the next. I wanted a fun and easy way to compliment any of these lessons with a crafty activity. Read on for ways to use my Decorate a Mask worksheet and download your own for FREE.

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Different Ways to use this Decorate a Mask Worksheet

There a few ways to use this free printable. First is the way shown above, print it out and let your child draw on the mask. They can use markers, crayons, color pencils, etc. Print on card stock and kids can also use water color and paint.

Another fun way is to turn this printable into a play dough mat. Print and laminate or place inside clear sheet protector. Then provide kids with different color play dough. They can use the play dough to decorate their mask over and over again. This makes it a sensory activity as well.

Using the laminated sheet, kids can also decorate a mask with dry erase markers! It’s a similar idea to the play dough and they can just erase and do a new design when they want.

Click the image below for your FREE printable.

For personal use only.

Kids will love decorating their mask this is a great activity for the classroom or home-school. My boys did it and turned their masks into video game characters. We used this opportunity to talk about masks, why we wear them and ways to stay safe during the pandemic.

I hope you love this free printable worksheet as much as I do! If you print and use it, share and tag me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. It really makes me so happy to see families and teachers using my ideas with their kids.

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