Free Printable Reading Log and Book Report for Kids

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If you need a reading log and book report template for kids, find two free printables here.

Reading is fundamental and I want to encourage my kids to read as many books as possible. I created a simple reading log and book report template to use with them and sharing it here with you! Feel free to use the templates in the classroom or at home. Download your free printables below.

Reading Log and Book Report Free Printables

These simple templates are great for kids in elementary school. They work best for students in grades 1-5 but can be easily adapted if needed. For example, for my 3rd grader, I will also ask him to turn over the book report sheet and draw his favorite part on the back.

A fun way to use these is to make a reading challenge with your kids. When my kids complete the reading log with all 20 books they’ll each get a special reward. We will probably do an activity or treat that they don’t get to do as much. Adding this little incentive makes completing the reading log challenging and rewarding. It’s a win-win!

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For personal use only. 

free printable reading log
free printable book report

Whether you’re homeschooling kids or teaching in a classroom, these will work for you. I didn’t include a space for students to write their name and date but there is space at the top of the page that be used for this if needed.

I hope you love these free printables as much as I do! If you print and use these, share and tag me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. It really makes me so happy to see families and teachers using my ideas with their kids.

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