Summer Bucket List Free Printable For The Whole Family

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Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to plan all the fun activities! I love making bucket lists with my family to plan out what we will do together. This year, I created a simple Summer Bucket List and I’m sharing the free printable with you! Read on for all the great ideas on the bucket list and to download it for free.

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Family Fun Summer Bucket List

I think the best family friendly activities are simple, easy to do and of course fun. So I gathered the best ideas you can try with your whole family this summer. Putting them on a bucket list makes it like a cool checklist you can keep track of together. It’s also a great keepsake for you to look back on and remember all the great times you had.

Alright now let’s dive into what’s on the list. (Click on the image to download FREE Printable)

For personal use only.

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Family Friendly Summer Activities

Chalk the driveway – grab that sidewalk chalk and become a family of driveway artists!

Go swimming – obviously a must-do summer activity. Visit a beach or pool and swim on.

Go camping – whether you do this in your own backyard or a campsite, this is a family favorite.

Go berry picking – I’m excited to try this for the first time this year! It’s a great learning opportunity for kids too.

Read a new book – I have to admit, I put this on the list for me. I haven’t read a new book in years and this summer it’s happening!

Make homemade lemonade – there’s nothing better than yummy, fresh lemonade!

Make s’mores – goes hand in hand with camping or you can try it with your stove at home. Either way, it’s delicious and such a staple summer activity.

Build a fort – use old sheets, towels, blankets and whatever you have laying around the house to build the best fort ever!

Have a backyard picnic – for some reason my kids think food is so much cooler when eating it outside on the ground.

Go on a hike – definitely a great family bonding activity and it’s a good workout.

Watch fireworks – plan ahead where you’ll watch those fourth of July fireworks.

Have a trivia game night – who doesn’t love some friendly competition?

Play in the rain – not just for kids!

Make popsicles – another yummy treat idea that is so easy to make with things you already have at home.

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I hope my Summer Bucket List helps you plan an amazing summer with your family. If you love my free printable, share it with me on social media! Tag me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. It really makes me so happy to see families using my ideas and having fun with their families.



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