Free Printable Plastic Easter Egg Math Game – Egg-cellent Multiplication

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Now that Easter is over, what do you with those plastic eggs? My youngest son is learning time tables now so I figured I’d re-purpose the plastic eggs to help him practice. I created a really simple Plastic Easter Egg Math Game called Egg-cellent Multiplication. It’s great for kids just starting to learn time tables or if they already know them and need a refresher. I also made two worksheets to go along with the game you print out for FREE.

Plastic Easter Egg Math Game – Egg-cellent Multiplication

plastic easter egg math game for kids multiplication practice pin image

What You Need to Make the Math Game

  • 10 Plastic Easter Eggs (the best are the ones that split top and bottom not side to side)
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Bin or Bowl
  • You can add filler paper or whatever you have on hand from Easter baskets
  • Egg-cellent Multiplication Worksheets (get them for FREE below)
plastic easter egg math game supplies needed

How to Put Together the Plastic Easter Egg Math Game Egg-cellent Multiplication

Gather your supplies and set up your 10 plastic eggs. I wrote the mathematical expression (ex: 2×3) on the longer part of the egg and the product on the smaller part. You can do this in any way you’d like but I wanted to make it so my son can turn the bottom part of the egg and match the product (answer) to the expression (question).

Use a sharpie so the numbers last longer and won’t rub off easily when your child touches the eggs. If you make a mistake you can use some rubbing alcohol and paper towel to “erase”.

When you have your eggs ready, fill a bin or bowl with your filler paper and split the eggs up before dropping them in. Mix them around so your child has to actually find the matching parts. That’s the fun part! Here is where the worksheets come in.

Click the image below for your FREE Printable Egg-cellent Multiplication Worksheets.

For personal use only.

plastic easter egg multiplication math game printable
plastic easter egg multiplication math game printable

Feel free to print each page separately or front and back on one paper. I did it two pages so I can glue them to a larger sheet and hang it up for my son to reference later on. You can also choose to print both pages in smaller dimensions on the same side of one sheet.

Now that you have the worksheets, start the game! Have your child find the eggs and put them together with the correct pieces. Then, they will use the eggs to fill in the answers on the worksheets. My son wanted to find one whole egg and write in the answers for that column before doing the next. You can have your child do it this way too or find them all at once.

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plastic easter egg math game kids multiplication practice

What about if your child isn’t in the multiplication phase just yet? No worries! This game can be adapted to addition, subtraction, division and pretty much any other math area they need to practice. You can even do this with shapes, numbers, letters, CVC words, symbols, anything really.

I hope you recreate this DIY math game and if you do please share it with me! Tag me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. It really makes me so happy to see families using my ideas and work with their kids.



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