Free Printable Kids Writing Journal + 20 Writing Prompts

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One of the things I miss the most about teaching pre-k and Kindergarten kids is reading their daily journal entries. It was easily my favorite part of the day because children have the best imagination! Writing practice is so important for all ages but especially for those in early elementary grades. Since I have two boys in this age group, I created a this free printable Kids Writing Journal with 20 prompts for them to do at home. Of course, I had to share it with you too!

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Free Printable Kids Writing Journal + 20 Writing Prompts

kids writing journal free printable

How to use your Kids Writing Journal

There are so many ways you can use your free printable kids journal but let me share a few of my favorites. First, the easiest way is to print the entire packet (25 pages), bind it or staple together and have your child do one page per day. If you don’t have a way to bind it, you can just keep it in any 3 ring binder or folder.

I know not everyone will want to print all pages at once and that’s okay. Print the pages as you go! This is another easy way to use the kids writing journal and give your child a new page each day and put the packet together at the end.

Click the image below for your free printable kids journal. This will open a PDF with cover page, 20 pages with prompts, and 4 pages with extra lines.

For personal use only.

kids writing journal cover page

Each page is has a simple writing prompt, a space to draw and lines to finish the prompt. Use the last 4 pages of the file if you need to add writing space to each prompt. Just make sure to print plenty of those last pages to have one hand for this. It comes in handy with kids in 3rd-5th grade because they usually need to explain more in their writing.

20 Writing Prompts for Kids Printable

What about if you don’t want to or can’t print the kids writing journal? Don’t worry, I added all 20 writing prompts onto one easy printable sheet! This way you can use your own paper, composition notebook, digital journal, or anything else you already have on hand.

Click on the image below for your free printable.

For personal use only.

20 Kids Writing Prompts Free Printable Worksheet

My printables are great for use in a traditional classroom setting, homeschool, tutoring, or even if you’re looking for work to supplement with your kids at home. I use this a lot when my sons are on spring break, summer vacation and winter break to keep up their writing skills and work on penmanship. It really helps!

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If you use my kids writing journal or writing prompts printables please share with me on social media! I really love seeing my work enjoyed by others, it makes me so happy. Tag me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!



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