DIY Dollar Tree Mickey Mouse Ornament – Easy Craft for Christmas

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If you love Disney and Christmas, this is the DIY craft for you. I’ve always loved Mickey Mouse and having Disney ornaments on the tree is a must.  It’s a big family tradition to decorate our Christmas tree together and add all our favorite character ornaments. We talk about when we bought them and the memories of visiting Disney World together. Adding a homemade element makes our tree that much more special. You can do it too with this easy DIY Dollar Tree Mickey Mouse Ornament craft.

Materials Needed for DIY Mickey Mouse Ornament

This is a super easy and affordable DIY craft with almost all materials gathered from Dollar Tree and tools I already had at home.

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  • Glue Gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors 
  • Exacto Knife
  • 1 big clear Ornament – Dollar Tree
  • 1 2-pack smaller clear ornaments – Dollar Tree
  • 6-7 packs Holiday color Pom Poms – Dollar Tree
  • Red glitter ribbon – Dollar Tree
  • Small Holiday Bows Pack – Dollar Tree
  • Tweezers (an old pair works)

How to Make a DIY Dollar Tree Mickey Mouse Ornament

First, take your smaller ornaments and remove the silver top. Then use the knife and scissors to carefully cut off the extra top part. This can take a bit of time so be patient and be very careful! However, perfection isn’t necessary. It will be glued to the bigger ornament anyway and hidden with the pom poms.

When you have both small ornaments ready, use the hot glue gun to add them to the bigger ornament in a Mickey Mouse shape. Make sure to hold each one for a few seconds when you first glue it on to ensure it sticks and the glue dries.

Now that you’ve got the Mickey shape, take the Pom Poms and start adding them. Work in small sections and work fast. I used some old tweezers to help me pick up the poms and place them on the ornament. It protected my fingers from the glue and I could pick up the poms a lot quicker.

Continue working your way around the ornament mixing the sizes of Pom Poms as you wish. I tried to add the bigger ones to the bottom and add in smaller ones to fill in empty spots. You can do it however you like best until it’s all filled in.

When you completely fill the entire ornament, add any extras you’d like. I glued two small craft bows and added a piece of ribbon for a special touch. I absolutely love how this craft turned out and I cannot wait to hang this on our Christmas tree!

Want to make more DIY Disney ornaments? Check out this post: DIY Dollar Tree Disney Ornaments

You can use this technique and create a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ornament in any way you want. Make this a kid-friendly craft by creating the initial Mickey shape for your child and then letting them paint it or add stickers. Any way you do it, I hope you add a little Disney magic to your Holiday with my DIY Dollar Tree Mickey Mouse Ornament craft.



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