Easy DIY Target Employee Costume – Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

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If you’re in need of a super last minute or easy costume idea I’ve got a great one. Perfect for any Target lover, here’s how to make an easy DIY Target Employee Costume. All you need are a few items you probably already own and you’re ready for trick or treating!

Read on to learn how to put together this simple kids (or adult) costume idea you can do for dress-up or just in time for Halloween.

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Last Minute Costume Idea for Kids – Target Employee

My son David is obsessed with Target (much like his mom) and who can blame him? It’s a wonderful one stop shop for everyone! So when it came time to pick a Halloween costume, it came as no surprise David chose to be a Target employee. Well, if you ask him he’ll say “Target Manager Mom!” but that’s neither here nor there.

David was adamant on dressing up as a Target employee (manager) so I had to make it happen. Here’s how I pulled together this super easy last minute costume!

What You’ll Need

First things first, you’ll need that bright red Target color tee. This is easy because you can find plain red tees for kids right at Target! Then, add a pair of khaki/beige pants and closed-toe shoes. That makes the basic uniform and you can stop there or add some extras to make it special.

If you want to add those special touches, use a white oval shaped name tag that looks like the real thing. Then, you can either write your child’s name on it with a sharpie or use a label if you’re feeling fancy.

Make sure to use a red marker (or stickers) to add the Target symbol and name to make it more official!

David’s name tag has a really cool story. I went to our favorite Target a few days prior and spoke with the supervisor on call. Since I wanted to come to shoot photos with my big camera, I felt it best to ask permission and she said yes. When I explained about David’s love of Target and him being special needs she immediately wanted to do something special for him. I was taken aback when she gave me a legitimate (and super official) store name tag with his name on it! This tag made his whole day and he wore it so proudly.

Ways to Make the Costume Extra Fun

You can stop at the simple Target uniform if you’d like or add some extras to make it a little more fun. For example, if you have a toddler or smaller child, get them a little Bullseye plushy to carry around! Since that dog is impossible to actually find, get a white bull terrier plush and paint the bulls eye on it!

Another fun thing to add is a walkie-talkie! We couldn’t find some in time for Halloween last year but it would’ve made the costume even cooler. Toy walkie-talkies are inexpensive and can be used even after Halloween so it doesn’t go to waste.

Do a photo shoot at your local Target! You can tell from the pictures this is what we did and it was adorable! As I mentioned above, I did go in beforehand to ask permission and make sure I wouldn’t get in trouble. I suggest going in person to speak to a manager or supervisor, introducing yourself and explain what you plan on doing. Target has strict rules about photography and video inside their stores so it’s better to be cautious.

We went on a day my kids had off from school and arrived 10 minutes before the store even opened. It was perfect lighting, no one was around and we were able to get some great shots. We even went inside the store where everyone loved seeing David in his costume. The employees got a kick out of it and David was really into the attention. It was a memorable morning for everyone!

There you have it, a super duper easy DIY Target Costume idea for kids. If you’re kid loves Target as much as mine and you need a last minute costume, this is a great choice.



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