21 Days to Feeling Whole with AdventHealth

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21 Days to Feeling Whole with AdventHealth

A few weeks ago I began a self-care process with AdventHealth called the Feel Whole Challenge. For 21 days, I devoted myself to completing the prompts focusing on mind, body and spirit. I went on a journey to feeling whole with AdventHealth!

It wasn’t just a way to challenge myself to eat healthier or make my body feel better. The Feel Whole Challenge is designed for whole person care. I knew it was the right thing to take on and a great refresher halfway through the year.

*This post is sponsored by AdventHealth. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

My Feel Whole Challenge Experience – Feeling Whole with AdventHealth

So what is the challenge about anyway? I shared about my experience on my Instagram and documented my entire journey. Here’s what I did for 21 days:

Feel Whole Challenge Days 1 – 10

Day 1 – Plan out your challenges – I printed out the calendar and made a brief plan with what I wanted to do for each day.


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[AD] I’m partnering with @adventhealth for their Feel Whole Challenge and I’m so excited to start! For the next 21 days, I’ll be taking part in this challenge and I encourage you to do the same. The Feel Whole Challenge is all about whole-person care and focusing on mind, body and spirit. I share a lot about mental health with you all but I think it’s so important to note everything is connected. By taking care of the whole person, all parts will feel better. Day 1 is today and its about planning out the challenge using the calendar AdventHealth provides. Find it linked in my bio or here — https://www.feelwholechallenge.com/pdf/feelhealthyfeelwhole.pdf I encourage you to join me in this challenge! SWIPE 👉🏼 to check out a pic of the calendar. It’s only 21 days, we can do this! #feelwholechallenge #ad #feelingwhole

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Day 2 – Get moving and commit to doing something physical daily – I made a goal to go on a walk everyday. Didn’t matter how long the walk, just mattered I walked!

Day 3 – Drink more water today (and keep it going through Day 21!) – I bought a new insulated water bottle to keep me hydrated on the go.


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💦ARE YOU DRINKING WATER DAILY?💦 [AD] I’m taking part in the @adventhealth #feelwholechallenge and today’s challenge is DRINK MORE WATER TODAY. We are on day 3 of this 21 day challenge to #feelingwhole focusing on mind, body and spirit. Today it’s all about drinking more water and keeping it going for the remainder of the challenge. I am here for it! Water is a must for me and I drink so much at home but sometimes forget to pack a bottle for on-the-go. Today I’m making it a point to bring along a reusable bottle to make sure I have my water with me everywhere I go. Having a cute bottle helps motivate me to drink more too. How do you motivate yourself to drink more water? 👉🏼Don’t forget, if you want to join me in this challenge, I have a link in my bio for the free pdf calendar. Let’s do it together! #ad #adventhealth #drinkmorewater #reusablewaterbottle #drinkwater

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Day 4 – Pray for someone every day of the challenge – I asked my Instagram fam in my stories to send me prayer requests and prayed for everyone that sent one in.

Day 5 – Share with someone what you’re passionate about – I shared about blogging and why it’s a passion of mine.

Day 6 – Buy fresh ingredients – went to the grocery store and picked up some fresh veggies and fruits!

Day 7 – Organize a space in your house that causes you stress – I reorganized my kids’ craft/homework space. It was messy and I couldn’t find any materials we needed for crafts. Now, it’s a much better space and doesn’t cause me stress!

Day 8 – Make a healthy meal you’ve never tried before – I made a healthier version of chicken fried rice with a ton of veggies! It was delicious and will for sure make it again.

Day 9 – Try a new exercise with a friend – My husband and I used some resistance bands to workout together!

Day 10 – Find a new book to read before bed – I’m not huge on books so I picked something easy that I can read nightly without being overwhelmed. Unshakeable by Christine Caine is a great choice. It’s a daily devotional so it’s a quick read before bed.

Feel Whole Challenge Days 11-21

Day 11 – Think of someone you’re grateful for & tell them – I sent post cards to some special people!


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Today’s #feelwholechallenge prompt is: THINK OF SOMEONE YOU’RE GRATEFUL FOR AND TELL THEM. [AD] When was the last time you took the time to do this? I know I tell people in passing or through text but I wanted to do something a little extra. AdventHealth included these beautiful post cards in their Feel Whole Challenge kit they sent me and I had to use them. I’m personalizing them and sending out a card to 5 people that I’m grateful for. Join me and reach out to someone today! Let them know what they mean to you and why you’re grateful for them. Whether you do it with a post card, letter, email, text, or phone call, doesn’t matter as long as you do it. #ad #feelingwhole #adventhealth #feelinggrateful #postcard #artforyoueveryday

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Day 12 – Analyze your bedtime routine & find ways to sleep better – my routine needs a lot of work. I focused on charging my phone further away from me so I don’t reach for it as often.

Day 13 – Volunteer – I registered as a volunteer at my kids’ school! I do this every year and love it.

Day 14 – Plant something – I planted tomato seeds with my husband’s help!


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🌱DO YOU HAVE A GREEN THUMB?🌱 [AD] Yesterday was Day 14 of the @adventhealth #feelwholechallenge and the prompt was: Plant Something. I asked the best plant expert I know for help — my husband 💚 if he plants something, it will grow! Since I’m a super beginner and tend to have a black thumb, he suggested I try these 🍅 tomato seeds. I don’t normally like dirt but it was pretty cool feeling the soil and feeling like I helped make something out of nothing. Will these grow? Did I do a good job? We’ll have to check back in soon and see how they’re doing. Send me all your good vibes to get these little tomatoes to grow! Trust me, I really need it. Take the challenge and plant something! . #feelingwhole #ad #plantsomething #tomatoseeds #planting #gardening #greenthumb

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Day 15 – Listen to music to improve your mood –  listened to my favorite albums and also asked my Instagram friends to send me their faves!

Day 16 – Make someone laugh – my kids helped me with this one and told a really cute joke in my Instagram stories. How do bees get to school? On a school buzzzzz!

Day 17 – Frame a photo that brings you joy – my kids joined again and turned this into a craft. They had me print their favorite photos and they put them into frames they painted with water color.

Day 18 – Give someone a gift – using the photos they framed, my kids gifted them to their dad so he can have special family photos at work.

Day 19 – Do something you’ve always wanted to try – I jumped in the water fun with my boys and documented it! I felt like a kid again definitely making it a point to try more new things like this.

Day 20 – Take time to schedule a preventative appointment – schedule all our physicals and check-ups!

Day 21 – Reflect on this experience – I’ve loved this challenge. It’s made me focus on myself and do things I don’t normally do. I’ve truly enjoyed trying new things and taking time to think about completing the prompts daily.

Feeling Whole with AdventHealth – Reflecting on My Experience

What drew me to the Feel Whole Challenge in the beginning is how it’s about whole person care. I see a lot of food related challenges all over the internet but this is different. This challenge is about mind, body and spirit and doing easy tasks for complete wellness. Also, it’s only 21 days so it feels doable.

Are you up to the challenge? If I can do it, you can too! Print out the calendar and get started on the journey to feeling whole.



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