Back To School Supplies You Never Thought You Needed

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Back To School Supplies You Never Thought You Needed

*This post is sponsored by Stuck On You. All thoughts expressed here are 100% my own.

Summer vacation is almost over and it’s time to shop for all the school supplies. If you’re like me then you have everything purchased and ready for the first day. I’m sure you have all the traditional supplies, but I have to share some great items you may not know about. I’ve got you covered with back to school supplies you never thought you needed.

I’ve partnered with Stuck On You to share all of my must have items from their website. My kids have used their products since last school year and we love them!

Personalized Color Pencils and Markers

Okay, hear me out on this one. When I was a teacher (many moons ago) I would’ve never thought I’d see personalized color pencils or markers. It doesn’t seem like something you’d need until you have it. Then, you can’t live without it!

Stuck On You offers a personalized coloring kit perfect for any grade level. As a mom of two, I need everything labeled. My boys will fight over anything, especially school supplies. Having their names on their color pencils and markers makes homework time run a lot smoother.

The markers come in a very handy clear case where they each have a spot. It snaps shut and even has a little handle! This case comes in handy when we are on the go or even for eating out.

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Elastic Pencil Pouch

My kids already have a pencil case we love and use for their main supplies but the elastic pencil pouch is a great addition. Our school gives each student a planner where the kids jot down their homework and other important information. The elastic pencil pouch fits perfectly around this planner and holds just enough pencils for them to use with the planner!

Stuck On You has the elastic pencil pouch in various colors and you can choose from the original one or monogram style.

All The Labels

You know how they say dog is man’s best friend? Well, labels are a mom’s best friend. Whether you send your child to a school or teach them yourself at home, labels are necessary. I label all of my kids’ school supplies from backpacks to folders and everything in between. Not only does it keep their things in order, it helps them learn responsibility. They know what is theirs and it’s their job to take care of it.

Stuck On You has all types of labels available. They offer many value packs as well as name labels, book labels, iron-on, and more. We have the school and kindy value pack. It’s perfect for what we need and comes with mixed sizes of labels. It even includes iron-on labels I add to the boys’ jackets. There’s just something about jackets where they just go missing all the time! Labeling them helps so much when they end up at the school lost and found.

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Bento Boxes – Lunch and Snack

I know everyone is on the Bento Box craze right now but it’s for a good reason. These lunch boxes are a game changer and your kid needs one. We got our first ones last summer and there’s no way I’d go back to a standard lunch box.

We actually have two different Bento Boxes from Stuck On You – the large and mini. The large is mainly used for lunch and the mini for snack. My kids actually eat school lunch from the cafeteria so we didn’t use the large Bento as much as we wanted last school year. I’m excited for them to use their mini Bento this year! It’s great for them to just pack a few little snacks or some extra food in case they don’t like their lunch that day.

The mini Bento is also a good option for smaller kids in preschool or daycare. You can see in the photo above, it has one big section, two smaller sections and a circular spot in the middle for dips (or anything you want).

The large Bento Box has 5 different sections plus the dip spot in the center and hold a lot more food. The Bento Box is designed to hold thicker liquids such as yogurts, sauces and dips. However, it is not watertight so it may not prevent the leakage of runnier liquids such as drinks or any excess oils/juices that leak out from food items like sun dried tomatoes and fruits.

For me, this is a no-brainer. We use our boxes for more than just school and they are totally worth it.

Personalized Lunch Bag

To transport the Bento Box to and from school, my kids use the Stuck On You Bento Cooler Bag. These lunch bags are insulated and thermal lined keeping food cool or warm longer. They’re also equipped with a zippered pocket that fits a slim ice pack if needed.

We’ve had our large Bento Cooler Bags for over a year now and they still look brand new! When they get dirty (which is all the time with kids) I throw them in the wash, gentle cycle and hang to dry.

There you have my picks for back to school supplies you never thought you needed. I highly recommend all of these amazing products from Stuck On You for your kids. Not only do they make excellent supplies for school but they also carry gifts, camp needs, stationary, apparel and so much more!

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Happy Back To School!



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