How To Surprise Your Kids with Your Next Vacation

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How To Surprise Your Kids with Your Next Vacation

One of the best things about kids is how excited they get for everything. I love making simple life moments special for my kids and getting extra excited! We have a our very first real family road trip this summer and they don’t know it yet. I got the idea to use American Greetings summer cards from Walmart to surprise them and wanted to share it with you!

*This post has been sponsored by American Greetings. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Setting Up the Surprise with American Greetings Summer Cards

I wanted to do something really easy, simple but that would make a big impact. My kids can read so I immediately thought of using greeting cards. American Greetings makes the best cards at the best price point ($2.97-$3.97) making them the perfect choice.

First thing to do is head to Walmart and easily find American Greetings in the card aisle. Since this is for a vacation, I picked an adventure themed blank card. I really love the blank cards because I can write in whatever I want and really make it personal. You can find cards to celebrate any occasion with different themes and colors.

Second thing to do is put together a little vacation or road trip station. I used themed activity sheets and set it up for my kids to find. You can get as creative as you want with this part. Using more American Greetings cards, you can make a scavenger hunt and write clues on each card until they get to the final reveal.

I kept this as simple as possible but still wanted the element of my boys opening something like a gift so I used the envelopes too.

To make it even more fun and like a gift, I even added confetti in the card so it would sort of pop out when opened. You can use stickers, stamps, and any other little embellishments to personalize this experience.

What about if your kids can’t read yet? You can still do this! Add photos, drawings or shapes to get your point across.


If you’re planning a family vacation soon, I hope you use my idea and surprise your kids. It’s really such an easy yet effective way to make the vacation announcement that much more exciting. If you do use this idea, don’t forget to check out American Greetings available at Walmart. They have great options for everything and cards are just a fun way to make someone’s day.



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