What to do with Babies and Toddlers at Hollywood Studios

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What to do with Babies and Toddlers at Hollywood Studios

Taking little ones to Walt Disney World is a lot of fun but it’s helps to have a plan in advance. As an avid Disney-goer, I get tons of questions about what to do and where. Recently, the most asked about topic is taking babies and toddlers to Hollywood Studios. With the opening of the new Toy Story Land, it’s a popular stop for families with kids of all ages.

Read on for everything you can do at Hollywood Studios with little ones. I’ve put together everything including shows, rides, attractions and all the fun!

Hollywood Studios Rides without a Height Requirement

Surprisingly, there is only ONE ride in all of Hollywood Studios that does not have a height requirement. Toy Story Mania! is a 4D shootin’ game starring your favorite Toy Story characters. It’s one of our favorite rides in all of Walt Disney World Resort and we’ve been enjoying for years! Since this doesn’t have a height requirement, it means all ages and heights can experience it and have fun. The ride is made to fit 2 people in one car but if you have a little one they may be able to sit on your lap.

There are tons of photos ops as you exit the ride so have your camera ready to snap a shot at Andy’s Popsicle Stick Wall and other cool spots.

Disney World Rides for Babies and Toddlers

The Best Shows & Attractions for Babies & Toddlers at Hollywood Studios

There are so many great shows and attractions at Hollywood Studios but here are my absolute faves for little ones. I chose these specific ones because they are better geared for baby/toddler age group.


  • For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration – show duration is 30 minutes – if your kids love Frozen and love singing, this is the show for you. Watch the story of Frozen come to life as told by a pair of Arendelle’s Royal Historians. It’s funny, full of surprises and a true sing-along where the words to the songs are on a big screen.


  • Celebrate with the Incredibles at Pixar Place – show runs throughout the day so check the times guide for info – Team up with The Incredibles as Pixar Place is transformed into a Municiberg city block—now through September 30, 2019. On our recent visit, my kids danced with Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Frozone for over 45 minutes! While this isn’t a traditional show, it’s still a great attraction and kids of all ages love it.
    • You can also meet Edna Mode here!



  • Disney Junior Dance Party! – show duration is 25 minutes – Show off your moves, catch bubbles and laugh yourself silly at a fun-filled party featuring favorite Disney Junior Characters and music. With a appearances from Vampirina, Timon, Doc McStuffins and Mickey, this dance party is perfect for little ones. Kids are encouraged to stand up and dance while adults sit on the floor.


  • Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy – check out this post for full details and photos of this brand new show!


  • Voyage of The Little Mermaid – show duration is 17 minutes – Relive musical moments from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid at this live action and puppetry extravaganza.


  • Muppet Vision 3D – Take your seat in a perfect replica of the Muppet Theater from the classic television series, The Muppet Show. As the curtain rises, Kermit, Miss Piggy and the whole Muppets menagerie appear in eye-popping 3D.


DIY Disney Countdown

Nighttime Shows

I know a lot of parents like to keep their babies and toddlers on a schedule but sometimes it’s okay to let it go on vacation. When my boys were little I always had them on a strict nap and sleep schedule but whenever we went to Disney, it was out the window. Enjoying the nighttime shows is part of the Disney magic!

Hollywood Studios has 2 nighttime shows and both start either at 9:00 PM or 9:30 PM.

  • Fantasmic! – show duration is 30 minutes and only available on select nights. Fastasmic is a classic Disney show featuring more than 50 live performers, stunning effects, pyrotechnics and tons characters.
  • Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular – show duration is 14 minutes and located at the Chinese Theater stage. Celebrate Star Wars with projection effects, lasers, pyrotechnics and a big fireworks display all to the music of John Williams.
    • Something to keep in mind with this show is they release the fireworks and pyrotechnics right from the stage. If you’re standing in that area or close to it, it’s VERY loud and can be hard on little ears. Consider standing further away where you can still enjoy the show but your little ones won’t be bothered. Another option is using noise reducing headphones to keep your kid’s ears safer.

All the Characters Can You Meet in Hollywood Studios

Character meet & greets are one of the best parts of visiting Disney World. It’s not only fun for the whole family but it makes for an amazing memory and photo op. Even though some babies and toddlers can be apprehensive about meeting characters, it’s still worth it to try!

  • Star Wars – visit the Star Wars Launch Bay and meet Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and BB-8 – this is temporary until they are off to their new home in Star Wars Land – Galaxy’s Edge in August 2019!


  • Celebrity Spotlight – Meet Olaf – located across from Star Tours in Echo Lake.


  • Meet Disney Junior Pals in the Animation Courtyard – here you can find Vampirina, Doc McStuffins, Pluto and Fancy Nancy.


  • Meet Mike and Sulley at Walt Disney Presents located in Animation Courtyard


  • Toy Story – hang with Andy’s (well, now they’re Bonnie’s) toys like Woody, Jessie and Buzz in Toy Story Land! Keep in mind these lines can get long since this area is still very new and popular.


  • Mickey and Minnie Starring in Red Carpet Dreams – located in Commissary Lane – meet leading lady Minnie modeling one of her dazzling red-carpet gowns. Mickey holds you spellbound as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from his hit picture, Fantasia.


  • Donald and Daisy Duck – this is not officially on the Disney website but Donald and Daisy are usually hanging out by the entrance of the park.


Tips & Other Things to Know

Baby Care Center

If you’re going with a baby or toddler, the Baby Care Center is your friend. Disney World provides Baby Care Centers in all 4 of their parks for a more convenient place to change, feed and care for your little one. I love the Baby Care Centers and have used them many times on every visit when my boys were babies and toddlers.

Some of the great features include; private nursing room with rocking chairs, feeding area with high chairs, and bigger and more comfortable changing areas. They also offer a kitchen area with a microwave and sink and items for sale like formula, diapers and over the counter medicine among other things.

The Baby Care Center in Hollywood Studios is located right at the entrance on the left side before going into Hollywood Boulevard. It shares a space with Guest Services so it’s easy to find. The only downside to this is there’s only one Baby Care Center in the whole park so it can be kind of a bummer if you’re on the opposite side and need to walk all the way around. However, this doesn’t take away from how great and useful it is.

Planning ahead and mapping out your park visit can really help make your day run a lot smoother. Use this map to locate all the Baby Care Centers in Disney World and make your plans accordingly.


Character Dining

Meeting characters at Disney World is such a great experience and Hollywood Studios has some amazing meet & greets available (listed above). If you want extra time with the characters and a more personalized meet & greet, then character dining is a good way to go.

Hollywood Studios has character dining available at Hollywood & Vine restaurant. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets while hanging out with Disney Junior friends.

If you have babies and toddlers that may be apprehensive about meeting characters, this is a great option to ease them into it. The whole family can enjoy a delicious meal and the characters come to you. There’s no need to wait in any line! Also, each character will make the rounds so everyone gets a chance to meet every character. We love doing this when we can and capture some very special moments.

If you’ve been wondering about Hollywood Studios with a baby or toddler, I hope this post was helpful. You can certainly have a good time with little ones in Hollywood Studios and do so many things together.

From character stops, to shows, and attractions, there’s plenty of fun to be had! I hope this post is a good reference if you’re planning a Disney World trip and thinking about Hollywood Studios. You’ll definitely have a magical time!




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