Moms’ Night Out with The Pump and Dump Show

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South Florida, it’s time for a moms’ night out and I’ve got the perfect thing in mind! Whether you’re a new mama ready for your first night away from baby, a mom of three who really needs a break or you just want to get out of the house for a good laugh, this is for you.

This post is sponsored by The Pump and Dump Show. Thank you Shayna and Tracey for partnering with me for this post and giveaway!

The Pump and Dump Show

Comedians Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, the hilarious, co-creators of The Pump and Dump Show ,the original Mom’s Night Out, are coming to Fort Lauderdale  Friday, January 18th at the Broward Center! Tracey and Shayna are lifelong friends who reconnected when they were both drowning in the throes of new motherhood and needing an escape, some commiseration, some fun, and a night out.

They created The Pump and Dump Show to deliver all of that plus some hard earned VALIDATION. They are currently on their sixth nationwide tour, selling out shows all over the country.  The show features stand up and original live music all designed to celebrate the joys — and sometimes the horrors — of IRL parenting.

Make sure to read through the whole post because I’ve got a big surprise at the end!

The Pump and Dump Show Ft. Lauderdale

Can’t see them in Fort Lauderdale? Don’t worry, they’ve got 20 shows across the country with stops in San Jose, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Washington, DC, Dallas, Milwaukee, Denver, and many, many more!

The Pump and Dump 2019 Tour Dates

Parentally Incorrect

The 2019 tour celebrates Shayna and Tracey’s new book, Parentally Incorrect: True Tales by Real Moms About the F**ked Up Things Their Kids Have Done, inspired by one of show’s most popular bits. Real audience moms are asked to share their own “most f**ked up” stories from raising tiny humans. Shayna and Tracey share the some of the most funny (and unbelievable)  stories live on stage in a truly authentic, hysterical fan-favorite segment. As seen on NBC “TODAY”, PEOPLE, Buzzfeed Parents and more, Parentally Incorrect is the perfect book to stash in your closet and enjoy while you are hiding from your kids.

I’m so excited for the show and can’t wait to have a fun night out with lots of laughter but I couldn’t wait until next month to learn more about the amazing ladies behind it all. Here’s my interview with Tracey Tee & Shayna Ferm, co-creators of The Pump and Dump Show.

Honestly, just based off their answers, I’m already obsessed!

1) What exactly does Parentally Incorrect mean?

In a nutshell, Parentally Incorrect means that no parent is perfect. What is right for me might be wrong for you, and what that mom in your playgroup decides to do for her kids might be the total opposite of what 5 other moms do. And it’s all okay. We all mess things up and make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and one point or another, each of us is going to do something someone else thinks is “parentally incorrect.”  – T

2) Speaking of Parentally Incorrect, what do you hope people get out of your new book Parentally Incorrect: True Tales by Real Moms about the F**ked Up Things Their Kids Have Done?

First and foremost we want to make parents laugh! The whole point of The Pump and Dump Show – and consequently our book – is to say the things we are all thinking, and give parents permission to laugh at how messed up and ridiculous parenting can be. The book is a collection of stories from real moms, from cities we have toured all over the country, about the F—ed up things their kids have done. By reading these, and laughing together, we learn that this sh*t is hard for all of us and we are not alone. Also, there are a bunch of fun games in the book so you can make your own “moms night in.” It’s like a mini Pump and Dump Show in book form. – T

3) Why is it so important for you to bring moms (and dads too) together for a fun night out?

There is nothing like being in the same room with actual human people and laughing at the things we all have in common. We spend so much of our lives communicating – and hiding –behind phones, computers and TV screens, we are starting to miss what it means to be a community.  In our case, we bring together a community of parents – mostly moms (we call them our #BandOfMothers) and we spend an hour and a half commiserating about how hard it is to raise tiny humans, and then we celebrate that actually, we’re all doing a pretty good job and shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. The experience of the show can’t be replicated behind a screen. And hearing 500, 900, 1500 people laugh at the same time is honestly as therapeutic as it is fun. (Remember when we used to have fun?) – S

4) Since you’re all about sharing and being honest, tell me the truth…does it get easier as your kids get older or are we all screwed forever?

Well we don’t have teens, so we can’t comment on that phase yet (but honestly it seems pretty bleak lol) but in general you have hard years, and then you have not so hard years. It gets easier, then hard again, then easier, then hard again. So yeah, I guess we’re all screwed forever. -T

5) The Pump and Dump Show is filled with hilarious original songs and you don’t hold back on the real factor. Have you ever had a song idea or story you thought had gone too far?

Yes, but if you see our show, you’ll know that “too far” is a fluid concept for us. – S

6) Tell me a about the “sad cakes” all over your social media.

Sad Cake is a term we use to describe parenting. It describes when something isn’t the end of the world, but just kind of a bummer. For example, ‘my kid puked and pooped on me all day today and there is no wine in the house.’ It’s obviously not the worst thing to happen to you, but it’s just a little “sad cake.” To celebrate #sadcake we make our own cakes with sad cake instances on them. It’s a light and funny way to laugh at those bummer parenting moments everyone can relate to, and who doesn’t like to see cake? -T

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We’re celebrating #NationalCakeDay with the saddest cake of all. 😥

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7) You’ve also got a podcast! Is it similar to your live shows or totally different?

We do! We’re having so much fun! The Pump and Dump Podcast takes a deeper look at what it’s like to be a woman, who is also a mom. It’s a bit of a departure from our live show. We talk about ourselves and our day to day life much more, and we explore very specific topics as they pertain to moms —  anything from self care (we hate that term) to sex to how the hell to actually put on makeup. Every show is fused with our particular brand of honesty and humor that fans of the live show will recognize, but the format is completely different from the loud, fun, laugh-until-you-pee a little comedy show.  – S


8) What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to a brand new mom?

Two things:

1) It sounds cliché, but the old adage really is true: The days are long, but the years are short.

2) When you’re ready to leave the house , make sure your breeder besties take you to The Pump and Dump Show! We’ll take care of you for once and remind you that even in the early days, you’re already an awesome mom. – T

Need more of the The Pump and Dump Show? The NEW The Pump and Dump Podcast is available now on your favorite platform! On the podcast, Tracey and Shayna explore what it’s like to be a woman who is also a mom.  They talk with experts, real moms in the wild, and special humans in their lives to break down the issues that keep them up at night.  All part of their mission to validate and celebrate the awesome moms of the world!





Want to win tickets to the Fort Lauderdale Show?

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Contest ends on Friday December 21st and winner will be emailed directly. Good luck!

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