What To Pack for a Day at the Beach with Kids

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What to Pack for a Day at the Beach with Kids

My family and I live in Florida and beach visits can happen year round for us. My kids love going to the beach and we go as often as we can especially during the summer months.

After many years, I’ve finally mastered my list of must have essentials for a trip to the beach with kids and I’m sharing it with you!

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Beach Essentials for Families

1. Sunscreen – this is a definite MUST and it’s actually always in my purse because the Florida sun is unforgiving. My current favorite is blue lizard  because it’s safe, dermatologist recommended and fragrance-free. They have baby & kids options but I even use it for myself and my husband!

2. Beach Bag – A good beach tote is necessary. You need to be able to bring towels, extra clothes, and your personal belongings so a nice big tote comes in handy. The Tingueli beach tote is a great option! This mesh bag has a ton of pockets for all the things, comfortable straps, and even an insulated soft sided cooler. I love using this cooler for extra snacks, drinks or food.

3. Something to sit on & relax – Ok let’s be real here, if you’re going with kids you’re probably not going to relax much but you will need to sit at some point. I prefer taking beach chairs that fold up easily so I stay off the ground. We have one for each member of the family and use them for other times throughout the year so we get our money’s worth.

If you prefer towels or blankets to lay on the sand, I recommend a beach mat that is easy to clean, store and travel with.

4. All the snacks! – I feel like my kids are constantly eating and snacks are a necessity for any beach visit. I make sure we are ready with tons of food, drinks, and special treats!

To keep food & drinks cool I always pack a backpack cooler because it’s easy to throw on and carry to the beach while still being hands-free to hold on to my kids.

5. Sun Shade – whether it’s an umbrella or a big tent, something to provide shade is important. We like to take a break from the sun when we grab a bite to eat or just to take a quick nap. I like to keep it simple with a beach umbrella that snaps right to my beach chair and weighs less than 2 pounds.

6. Something to hold all your stuff – you know you’ll need help lugging all the chairs, umbrellas, and bags around so get yourself a beach cart or a wagon to make your life easier.

7. Shell bag – My boys (and my husband too) love collecting shells! Using a small shell mesh bag is great for searching for those perfect shells.

8. A good wet bag is necessary to throw in wet bathing suits, toys, towels or anything you’d like to store away but you don’t want the rest of your things getting wet.

Must Have Travel Essentials


  • Toys – kids love to dig in the sand & build sandcastles.
  • Protective Swimwear – sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough and you need more sun protection. Swimwear like swimzip is a great option. They have everything from hats to swimsuits for the whole family and it’s all UPF 50.
  • Change of clothes – if you know you’ll have a place to be able to change out of your wet bathing suits before heading home, it’s good to have a change of clothes with you.
  • Water Bottle – I recommend one that will keep your water cold for many hours like Takeya.
  • Baby Powder – this works amazingly for taking off sand from legs before getting in the car. Just apply a generous amount, let it sit for a bit to let the sand dry and it’ll come right off with a towel.
  • Water Shoes – these are great to protect your feet from super hot sand, shells, and other hazards.

What are your must haves for a day at the beach with kids? Share them with me in the comments!



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