Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

Is your house overflowing with stuffed animals? Do you sometimes feel like you live in a toy store? If you do, I know exactly how you feel. My boys are obsessed with their stuffed animals and don’t want to let any of them go. Ever. Like never ever.

stuffed animal storage solution

That lead me to finding all kinds of storage bins, baskets and contraptions to keep these precious toys in one place so they didn’t take over the whole house. I tried so many but none really helped. It always seemed like the stuffed animals found their way back to just being thrown everywhere and never in their designated space. It was so frustrating I almost turned complete crazy mom and got rid of them all! But then my kids hearts would be broken so I knew I had to find another way to make everyone happy.

*This post is sponsored by Creative QT. As always, all thoughts are 100% my own. Thank you Creative QT for sending me the Stuff ‘n Sit to review.

Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

Just when I thought I could never organize these stuffed animals, I discovered Creative QT, an innovative company founded by parents and their amazing products.

I was lucky enough to try out the Stuff ‘n Sit Bean Bag and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

stuffed animal storage solution

Not only do my kids love stuffed animals, but they love HUGE ones that take up a ridiculous amount of space. This bean bag is a life saver! We have the XL large size and are able to fit almost 100 stuffed animals (of varying sizes) in there comfortably.

stuffed animal storage solution

One of my favorite features of the Stuff ‘n Sit is how easy it is to use. You just open up the bag, stuff the toys in and zip it up. Perfect for even kids to do on their own and organize their own things. We made it a fun activity and both my kids counted as we threw each toy inside. It turned into a teaching moment! There’s also a nice big handle at the top to grab and move the bag around easily.

stuffed animal storage solution

Like I mentioned above, we have the XL size but they offer a smaller option with their original Stuff ‘n Sit. Same concept just a bit smaller and still large enough for kids to stuff it to the rim and use it as a bean bag chair.

This doesn’t have to be used for stuffed animals though, you can stuff it with towels, pillows, blankets, jackets, basically anything that is soft enough for you to be able to sit on and you need to store away.

stuffed animal storage solution

I highly recommend the Stuff ‘n Sit bean bag if you need to organize the stuffed animals in your house. Do it now before they take over!

Happy Stuffing!



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