Must Have Travel Essentials

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Since I’ve been traveling so much lately I’ve gotten a handle of the things I use the most and need to take with me every trip. I love being organized and traveling can get hectic so anything that can keep me sane is a must have.

If you’re like me then you’ll love my recommendations for Must Have Travel Essentials!

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Must Have Travel Essentials

Must Have Travel Essentials I Swear By


Travel Bag – My favorite to use is my Ju-Ju-Be BFF because it’s sturdy, machine washable and can be used as a backpack which helps so much when trekking through a busy airport. Another bag I recently got but have quickly grown to love and plan to use for trips is the Lily Jade Madeline. Also a convertible bag that be used as a backpack and fits so much stuff!

Toiletry Bag – I love this one because I fill it up and when I get to my destination all I have to do is place it on counter top and fold down the top part of it. It becomes an easily accessible place for me to just grab my items without needing to search for them or make a mess.

Tidy Snap – This product is genius! Remember those slap bracelets from the 90’s? Well, this is a similar concept except much more functional. Tidy Snap bands can be used for many things but I love using them to hold my items in place in my suitcase or bag. I like using these for small trips or packing a smaller suitcase.

Packing Cubes – For bigger suitcases, longer trips or just overall more stuff, I recommend packing cubes. I use these to separate all of my family member’s items into their own designated cube in the suitcase. It’s even better to get different colors and use a color coded system for each person!

Power Bank – This is a MUST even for every day use not just traveling. I work from my phone a lot and the battery suffers so a power bank or external battery saves the day.

Wrinkle Release Spray – I can’t explain how much this is a necessity for me. When I travel I make it a point to roll up my clothing items to prevent as much wrinkling as possible but sometimes they can wrinkle anyway. That’s where the spray comes in! The way I use it is hang the article of clothing, spray where it’s wrinkled, tug it to release the wrinkles and leave it hanging to dry overnight. Obviously if it’s too bad I definitely use an iron but this spray comes in handy for a quick fix.

Waterproof Wet Bag – I’ve raved about these bags from Logan & Lenora before and I’ll continue to rave about them because they are the BEST wet bags I’ve ever tried. Yes, my kids are not babies so we don’t have to deal with diapers but I love using these for anything that may happen. This clutch style folds up super small and can be in any small bag or suitcase without taking up space. They have lots of other sizes and styles I use for travel as well.

Tech “burrito” cord organizer – Keeps cords organized and easy to find!

Mini Hair Iron – For those times I need to tame my hair or touch it up but don’t want to take my bigger hair straightener.

Traveling with the whole family? These are some of my tried and true products!


Mini surge protector – We are a technological family and we all have multiple devices. When we travel we always take some kind of surge protector to have more outlets available in the hotel.

Extra Large Ziploc Bags – I do not go on any family trip without these huge bags! I use them for our dirty clothes because they seal completely and I can just use them as a hamper when we get back home. They come in a 4 pack and depending on how many days we are away I’ll use one for my boys and one for my husband and me.

Tide 3 Count Sink Wash – Talk about lifesaver! I’ve needed this many times to quickly wash some stained clothes in a pinch.

Kids Activity Center – Great for road trips or plane rides to keep little ones entertained.

Aqua Doodle Travel Case – Perfect for mess-free fun!

Portable White Noise Machine – I can proudly admit I use this more for me than my kids because sleeping away from home gives me major anxiety. Using a white noise machine like this one is really helpful for better sleep.


  • Headphones (especially for the kids so I don’t need to hear all their video games)
  • Comfortable shoes – LOVE these slip on black sneakers! Easy to slip on and off to get through airport security quickly.
  • Tide Pen for on the go stain treatments.
  • Cheap bath mat – depending on where we’re going, I like to bring a cheap bath mat to use for the kids. They are big enough to shower but when they were babies it was a sanity saver to have it. I usually just toss it before returning home but it can easily be dried and folded into a suitcase.
  • A travel booster seat is great if you’re flying and don’t want to lug around a big booster seat or rent one at your destination.
  • A mini first aid kit really comes in handy when traveling with kids, and it even comes with some stickers!
  • Baby wipes – any brand you like works but they are a MUST whether I’m with my kids or not. I’ve even used baby wipes to get a stain out of my shirt. I always have a pack with me no matter what.

I hope my recommendations are helpful and you got some tips for products for your next trip. Do you have must haves I missed here? Share it with me!

Happy Traveling!



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