Tips for the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World soon and your kids are Star Wars fans they may want to participate in the Jedi Training: Trials of The Temple at Hollywood Studios.

My youngest son, Jacob, has done it twice now and loves it! I know other parents want their kids to try it out but don’t know where to start so I’ve put together everything you need to know, plus some tips, in this post!

The Jedi Training Academy Disney World

First things first, what is the Jedi Training anyway?

The Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple is an interactive experience for kids ages 4-12 where they “train” and “use the force” to fight the dark side.

In other words, it’s a fun & FREE (park admission required for entry into Hollywood Studios) activity kids can do earning you major parenting brownie points in the process!

jedi training disney world

So how do you sign up?

The biggest tip I can give you is get to Hollywood Studios at least 1 hour before it opens. Registration for the Jedi Training starts when the park opens so you want to get first dibs and get there early. They have lots of times available to choose from but spaces fill up fast!

You can register for the Jedi Training at the Indiana Jones outpost in between the Prime Time 50’s Cafe and the Indiana Jones Show. There are cast members there with signs to help direct to the sign up area. Remember this is only for kids ages 4-12!

When you sign up you’ll be given a ticket with the return time. DO NOT LOSE THIS TICKET! Your child needs to hold on to this and check in at the correct time, usually around half an hour prior to the time slot.

jedi training disney world

When you return to check in, your child will be asked to line up in a specific spot and remain in their line until they need to move to the show area. Here they will get their green or brown Jedi robes. They can’t choose a color it’s a “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” kind of situation. My tip for this is to prepare your kids beforehand and let them know the will of the force chooses the color so they don’t get upset in line.

From there, they’ll march together in two lines to the stage for the training. They chant and make it a big deal which both the parents and kids love. It’s adorable!

jedi training disney world

While they march to the stage area, parents must stand next to their child but cannot be in the line with them. My son was LOVING all the attention because people passing by would stop and smile and made a big deal about the kids.

Once they get to the stage area you’ll be asked to stand next to your child while a photo pass cast member hands you a “photo pass card.” This is the card you’ll use to check out the photos they take of the show and can pick the ones your child is in for purchase. I can tell you first hand, it’s worth it to have these pictures because they are professional and the photographers capture all the kids equally.

When the training is about to begin parents are asked to step to the viewing area and not allowed to cross the rope.

jedi training disney world

One line will be on the floor and the other will be on the stage. It doesn’t matter which line your child is in because they will all get a chance to train and fight someone from the dark side. Last year Jacob got to be on stage and fought Darth Vader & this time he was on the floor and fought Kylo Ren. Both equally awesome!

The show last about 20 minutes. They are told the rules, train with a light saber (all the kids are given one to use) and each child gets a turn fighting one of the big bad guys.

jedi training disney world

jedi training disney world

jedi training disney world

jedi training disney world

jedi training disney world

When they finish their training and defeat the dark side, each child gets a cool pin that states they are “the future of the force”!

jedi training disney world

You can see from the photo above that Jacob was smiling and proud of himself. We love this interactive show and think it’s one of the best things for kids to do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you have a little Star Wars fan on your hands, definitely add this to your plans for your next Disney World Trip!

jedi training disney world

May the Force Be with You.



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