Family Pictures Made Easy with Picture Parties

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Family pictures are a big deal. We all want to get the perfect outfits, hire the best photographers, find the most beautiful location and get everyone to smile. It’s a process and it can be stressful!
But it doesn’t have to be. I recently found a company that makes family pictures super easy, stress free and the final product is amazing!

This post is sponsored by Picture Parties but as always all opinions are 100% my own. The photos in this post are all from Picture Parties.

Family Pictures Made Easy with Picture Parties
Picture Parties® is a unique experience where the photographer comes to you and you are encouraged to have a party with your friends and family while having your pictures taken by a professional. The best part of it is it’s FREE. Yup, they don’t have a sitting fee at all and it costs you nothing to host or attend a party. Your pictures are available for purchase if you like them. Sounds like the best deal to me!
Sometimes they will offer special events at nearby locations for mini sessions and we were invited to attend one in South Florida. In the short 20 minutes the photographer was able to capture beautiful moments of my family and gave us excellent direction the entire time. She was so easy to work with and it made us feel calm and ready for posing.

Check out Picture Parties® on Facebook to see their upcoming events!

The only thing we brought with us was a big picnic blanket but we could have brought any props we wanted to include.
I love how these all came out and the photographer was so patient with us it really helped. With small kids it can be hard to get them to engage in photos but she was great and gave off a positive energy we all fed off of.
You’re probably thinking, “Well this sounds great but how do I even book a party?” It’s really easy! You start by visiting Picture Parties® online and finding a photographer in your are using the search on their site. Then you create a free account, and fill in the details. I think this is such a fun and different way of getting professional pictures taken and there’s no pressure to purchase packages in advance. It’s a win win!
You can use Picture Parties® for anything like family reunions, office events, holiday celebrations, or just because you are getting a group together and want some great memories! They have special offers and rewards available for hosting a party so make sure to check that out when you book with them.

If you’re a photographer you can join the Picture Parties® team! Click here for more info.

Give Picture Parties® a try! It’s a fun and easy way to get professional, beautiful photos in a stress-free environment. I know you’ll love it!



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