Teacher Gift Ideas Under $20

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As a former teacher I’ve seen my share of gifts from students ranging from “what the heck” to “this is amazing!” I know it’s not mandatory to gift anything to your child’s teacher but it’s a really nice gesture given they are with your kids for a big part of the day.

Also, teachers are basically angels sent from heaven because they have the toughest job and we all need to appreciate them more!
If you’re looking for some easy and affordable gift ideas for your child’s teacher, I’ve got you covered.

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Teacher Gift Ideas Under $20

How Teachers Swear! An Adult Coloring Book

For the teacher who needs a laugh and knows how to take a joke. When I was teaching I would have loved this!

Tears of My Students Mug

Obviously a hilarious way for the teacher to troll students and give them a little chuckle.


So they can keep all their IDs and important cards with them in a stylish holder.

Starbucks Gift Card 

Let’s be honest, teachers need ALL the coffee! Also, what’s great about this is you can make it an add-on to any other small gift.

L’Oreal Lipstick Gift Set

For the makeup loving teacher, this is a really cute gift set with great holiday colors.

Target Gift Card

Because Target is like Disney World for Teachers. Enough Said.

Mini Metal Bucket – Personalized

Fill it with yummy treats and maybe add a gift card for a complete gift.


“I’m just going to wait until it’s quiet” says every teacher all the time.

Aromatherapy Neck & Shoulder Wrap

At the end of a day with 20+ kids all talking at once, they need to relax!



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