Simplify Your Mom Life with These 20 Items

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Mom life is hard y’all. Point blank. Over the 7 (almost 8) year I’ve been a mom I’ve tried so many items and some have been amazing while others have been pure garbage. It’s part of motherhood to test out all the products we get told we need for our kids.

I’m here to save you some time and a whole lot of headaches with my list of 20 items to simplify your mom life. All of these are definite MUST HAVES for different stages of motherhood but are sure to make your life a little easier. Isn’t that all we want as moms? I know I want anything that will make things simpler and help make me a better mom.

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you click a link or purchase an item I make a small commission.

20 Items to Simplify Your Mom Life

20 Items to Simplify Your Mom Life


1. PlayMonster OK To Wake! Clock

I swear by this clock and it has saved my sanity. We’ve had it for almost two years and it’s helped us keep the boys in their room until the time we want. The clock works as a visual learning tool making it super easy for kids to know when they are supposed to “wake up”. I set it at a time I want the boys to be able to get out of their room and the clock turns green. Then they know it’s “ok to wake!”. It’s basically magic folks! Works best for children 3 and up.

2. Comfy Shoes

If you have to chase little kids around or if you just had a baby, comfy shoes are a MUST. My favorite are crocs. Yep, might sound tacky but I promise these are not. I have the crocs that look like sneakers and they are one of the best shoes I’ve ever owned. Not only are they comfy but easy to clean and go with anything.

3. Wet/Dry Bags

This may seem like an obvious thing for moms to have but I actually didn’t discover wet bags until my oldest was in elementary school. I guess since I didn’t cloth diaper it wasn’t a thing I knew about but every mom needs these in her life. I use wet bags for anything from overnight trips to food storage to pool bags!

4. Parking Pal Magnet

If you have kids that can get themselves in and out of the car, you need this. This car magnet has saved us so many times and helped teach my kids about car safety. When the boys get out of the car they go straight to the parking pal and place their hands on it. This prevents them from running around or going too far and getting into a dangerous situation.

5. Rapid Response Thermometer

Who has ever had to wrestle a baby or toddler to take their temperature? I know I have! A rapid response thermometer is your BFF no matter how old your little ones are. I even use one with my almost 8 year old because he doesn’t enjoy getting his temperature taken.
Check this one out. It shows the temperature in only 8 seconds!

6. Snack Tubes

Another way to carry snacks around keeping them organized and all in one place! Easily fits in a bottle pocket of a diaper bag or in the car seat.

7. Snap & Shop Shopping Cart Tray

I wish this little tray was invented when my kids were toddlers because I would’ve had it in every color! Do you know how many times I’ve been in the store and had a cranky kid in a shopping cart? Pretty much always. The Snap & Shop Tray actually snaps to the cart and you can fill it with treats or other goodies to keep your kid happy while you shop. GENIUS!

8. Loopy Phone Case

Need to be hands-free but still have your phone in hand? The Loopy is the answer. While this isn’t technically marketed for moms, it’s such mom product. I always have my hands full and still need to hold my boys hands so they don’t take off. I’m sure every mom can relate.

9. Pacidose

For those times you dread having to give medicine to your babies. Get this for 0-6 month olds. I don’t even need to explain this further because all moms know that giving medicine to little ones can be literal torture.
Click here for the 18-24 month version.

10. Puj Hangable Cups

Not trying to be dramatic but these cups are a LIFE SAVER! They hang on our fridge and the boys are able to get their own water without dirtying countless cups all day. Consider this a major mom win.
Also available in a four pack.

11. The Mommy Hook

I have at least two of these hooks in my car at all times. They work great for hanging bags off the stroller, on shopping carts or even to carry multiple bags into the house. It’s one of those multi-purpose items every mom needs.

12. Me4Kidz Medi Buddy

The perfect compact first aid kit. Great for diaper bags, purses and just good for on-the-go.
We also have this kit that we keep in the car from Me4Kidz.

13. Bag File Organizers

If you need to stay organized or turn any bag into a diaper bag, the file system is the way to go. The bags have a mesh front so you can see what is inside and the tabs make it easy to grab the right things when looking in your bag.

14. Coconut Nail Art by Incoco

Let’s be honest, as moms we just don’t have a lot of time to ourselves. I love using these nail art kits to give myself manicures with fun designs when I want to spice it up but I’m pressed for time. These kits are really inexpensive, easy to use and great for adding some creativity to your nails.
Find Coconut Nail Art at Walmart.

15. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Here’s another item I wish I would’ve had when my boys were babies. You can bring your baby with you shopping and not have a huge car seat in the way! Can be used from birth to 50 pounds.

16. Ezpz Happy Mat

Do you have a child that just chucks their bowl or plate across the room for fun? With this silicone mat, they can’t do that! The Happy Mat by EZPZ sticks to the table and prevents kids from grabbing and throwing their plate. Obviously this was invented by a mom that was tired of meal time craziness.

17. Busy Girl Bangle

This isn’t even strictly for Moms but it makes my life so much easier knowing I can wear this cute bangle that holds my hair tie and doesn’t leave a mark around my wrist! They have it in silver, gold & rose gold and also sell it in a trio. Also, the hair tie that comes with this bangle is amazing.

18. NeatCheeks

I don’t know any child that loves getting their face wiped so NeatCheeks deserve all the hand praise emojis. They are flavored wipes that my kids actually ask for making me feel like the coolest mom on the block. I also carry the travel packs with me at all times just in case. By the way, these were also invented by a mom!

19. Bubble Bum

Perfect as a backup or extra backless booster. We have one as a “just in case” or emergency situation and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. It folds up and comes with a bag to store it as well.

20. Key Ring Bangle/Card Case

This is another great item for staying hands-free. Created by women to make women’s lives easier, it’s perfect for moms. I love using mine because I can carry the essentials with me and still be able to hold other items or my kids’s hands.

Alright moms, I hope you find this list helpful. I love these products for making mom life a little simpler and I highly recommend them all.
Happy Shopping!



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