Top 10 Must-Do Attractions at Walt Disney World with Small Kids

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It’s no secret my family and I love Disney World and go as often as possible. My husband and I have been taking our kids since they were babies and they’ve been so many times now it’s like a second home. Over the years we’ve learned what are the must do’s for visiting with small kids and I’m sharing them with all of you.
Let’s jump right in!
Top 10 Must-Do Attractions at Walt Disney World with Small Kids - Simply Bessy - Disney World

1. Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater – Magic Kingdom

This character meet & greet is super special! Mickey Mouse is all dressed up in his magician gear and ready for a show. Kids will really get a kick out of this because it’s indoors and there’s a room just for Mickey. It really makes the whole thing extra magical. My kids love this and we have to do it every single trip. You’d think it would get old but they ask for it each time and we love it too so we don’t mind.

2. Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party – Magic Kingdom

This is a really unique experience at Disney. You get to dance and party with the characters right in front of Cinderella’s Castle! It’s so fun for little ones to actually get up close and shake it with their favorite characters and makes the whole trip worth it.

3. Boneyard at DinoLand USA – Animal Kingdom

This is a definite for my kids every time we visit Animal Kingdom. It’s basically a big playground area with places to climb, slides, dinosaur fossil structures and even a bone digging zone. Kids can play while parents take a little break! My kids’s favorite is digging up the huge dinosaur fossil and I love it too because it’s in a shaded space and usually not that crowded. Also, they’re not playing in sand, it’s more like tiny pebbles or rocks so it’s so much easier to clean out of shoes when it’s time to keep discovering the park. Although, good luck getting your kids to leave this area!

4. Kilimanjaro Safaris – Animal Kingdom

Ever wondered what it’s like going on an African Safari? Well this is pretty close! Hop on a guided and educational tour along the African Outback and encounter animals roaming freely. We’ve done this with our kids since they were babies and they still get excited for it. The best thing about the safari is it’s never the same since the animals are always moving around, you can see different animals each time you ride.

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5. Kidcot Fun Stops – Epcot

Epcot is not really known for being the most kid-friendly park. It’s definitely geared more towards an older crowd with the countries and technology. Let’s be honest, little kids are not interested in learning about different countries, they want to see characters and ride attractions. Well, the Kidcot Fun Stops are a way to remedy this issue. While you’re visiting each pavilion in the World Showcase, you can stop at the Fun Stops with your little one where they will be greeted by a cast member and do a craft. It’s a great way to get the kids involved in learning about the countries. And yes I realize this isn’t technically an attraction but I have to include it because it’s a must!
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6. The Seas with Nemo & Friends – Epcot

Dive in (no pun intended) and experience the underwater adventure from the Finding Nemo movie. After the ride, explore the real life aquarium and see dolphins, fish, sharks, manatees and so much more! This is an excellent spot to catch your breath, enjoy the AC and see some really cool sea animals up close.

7. Disney Junior – Live on Stage! – Hollywood Studios

Join the Disney Junior characters for a live stage show as they get ready for Minnie’s Birthday! Kids get a chance to dance along with the characters they know and love from their favorite shows during this 20+ minute performance. Parents beware this show is floor seating only and you’ll have to sit “criss-cross apple sauce” for the entire length of the show. There is limited bench seating towards the back so plan accordingly. Either way, it’s still a really cute show and totally worth it if your kids love Disney Junior. There are also Disney Junior Character meet & greets right outside the theater to do before or after the show!

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8. Prince Charming Regal Carousel – Magic Kingdom

There’s not much to say about this classic attraction except that everyone loves it and you can’t miss the chance to ride the carousel. It’s perfect for any age and we always have to do it. It makes my kids feel grown up since they are big enough now to ride “alone” which just means they sit on the horse by themselves and we ride on the one right next to them.

9. Dumbo the Flying Elephant – Magic Kingdom

Another classic that doesn’t need much explanation. This attraction got an upgrade a while back and now has two separate Dumbo’s, one for standby and one for fastpass. It’s the exact same ride for both so don’t worry. There’s also an indoor play space where you can wait instead of standing in line and the kids get have fun while mom and dad sit and relax. We love going in there even if we have to wait longer than what the standby time is just so the kids can enjoy the play area!

10. Rafiki’s Planet Watch – Animal Kingdom

This is what I like to call a hidden treasure at Disney World. No one really talks about this attraction but it’s really cool for little kids and even big kids. First, you have to take the Wildlife Express Train to get there and if your kids like trains this is already a plus. Then, you get to visit the Conservation Station and learn about how Disney works to protect animals. The highlight for my kids is always the Affection Section also known as the petting zoo. They love to pet the goats the most, using the brushes available to brush their fur. It’s a memorable experience overall and one of my favorite spots in Animal Kingdom.
Out of all the wonderful attractions in Disney World, it was super hard to narrow it down to just 10 so here are some honorable mentions that almost made my list.
It’s Tough to Be a Bug – Animal Kingdom
It’s a Small World – Magic Kingdom
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover – Magic Kingdom
Na’vi River Journey – Animal Kingdom
Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros – Epcot

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Now who’s ready for a trip to Disney World?! If you’re going with small kids make sure to stop and visit the attractions on my list. These top 10 must do’s are sure to make you have a memorable and magical time!



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