MommyCon Orlando 2017 & Meeting Blogging Friends

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending MommyCon Orlando as part of their media team. Since I was going to be in Orlando, I contacted my Instagram Bestie, Shanis Walter, and we knew we had to make a whole weekend out of it! We planned for MommyCon, Epcot and Busch Gardens for a fun-filled blogging pals weekend!
I was so excited because I got to partner with Mazda and they sent me a rental to use for my trip. I got to use the Mazda CX-5 and it was fantastic! It’s so roomy, comfortable and it’s a smart car. The technology this car has helped me feel safer driving on the highway for long periods of time. My favorite feature is definitely the blind spot monitoring. It made changing lanes a breeze because I was always aware of the cars around me. It certainly put my anxiety at ease the whole trip.
I loved it so much I want one of my own! Thanks to Mazda for helping me get to Orlando & back home safely and in style.
Mazda CX5 Sponsored- Simply Bessy

MommyCon Orlando

Disclosure; MommyCon provided me with event tickets to attend as media. As always, all opinions are my own.

In short, MommyCon is a convention and exhibition for parents that celebrates natural parenting. It’s held nationwide in various cities and it’s really a great opportunity to learn about all things parenthood.
Whether you’re new or a pro, I recommend attending a MommyCon event near you because it’s full of information that can help you on your parenting journey. Between the classes and seminars offered and the many brands available in the exhibition room, there’s something for every mom and dad! Yes, I mention dad because it may be called MommyCon but dads are certainly welcomed and encouraged to attend. We saw plenty of dads there and one was even dressed as a super hero; “super dad”, it was so cute!
Shanis and I met with another fellow blogger, Diana from The Grey Ruby Diaries and spent the day mingling with moms and brands. It was really nice to have some time for girl talk without kids around to interrupt us every 5 minutes. Although, kids are totally allowed at MommyCon events and there are even play spaces for them, we just chose not to bring ours. Oh and we shared tons of blogging tips with each other too! I love meeting like-minded women and I felt empowered the whole time we were together.

We met with so many brands! Some of my favorites were Beechnut, Jujube, Replay, & Fresh Wave. I really loved taking time to meet with brands and speak to them face to face. Most of the time my only interaction with a brand is through email and it can be hard to get a sense of the person behind the screen so this was refreshing. Everyone was also so nice and made us all feel amazing.
As media we got these pretty awesome “swag bags” filled with samples, coupons and even full sized products from a lot of the brands that were in attendance. I can’t wait to collaborate with some of these and review great products for all of you!
We didn’t have time to hop in on any sessions but I heard they were all super informative and very helpful. You can check out what they are offering at their next event in Atlanta on October 28. They have different brands and classes at each event but it’s a pretty good idea of what to expect and you can buy your tickets now!

Epcot with Shanis

Our tank tops were custom made by Bee Shoo Tee & Go. Shop them here! Our mouse ears are from The Mouse Boutique!

After MommyCon, Shanis and I went to Epcot for a little mom’s night out! We knew the International Food & Wine Festival was starting and it was the perfect time to visit. It was actually Shanis’ very first time ever going to Epcot! Can you believe she’s lived in Florida for a few years and hadn’t been to Epcot yet?! I couldn’t either.
We definitely had a great time and tasted tons of yummy drinks…and acted like little kids meeting characters!

If you get the chance to visit Disney without kids, take it! I’ve done it a handful of times and it’s a game changer. No strollers, no huge bags, just a ton of fun. Earlier this year I also went on a girls trip to Epcot and it’s so worth it! You can read that post here and why I think girls’ trips are essential.

Busch Gardens Tampa

The last adventure on our weekend of fun was spending the day at Busch Gardens in Tampa. I think I went to Busch Gardens when I was 13 and maybe one other time before that so it was kind of like going for the first time because I remembered nothing.

Since neither of us care for super crazy rides, we opted for some of the water rides, shows and sight seeing. My favorite thing we did that day, and I’m sure Shanis’ too, was the Serengeti Safari Tour. It’s super affordable and only 30 minutes but we got to see animals up close and personal, and even hand fed a sweet giraffe named Ruby.

Other than giraffe one on one, we took it easy and enjoyed the views around the park. Thankfully, we had our Psi Bands to help with any motion sickness and they came in handy too!

Psi Bands provided me with their product in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

You can find Psi Bands on Instagram and buy them here on Amazon. They come in a two pack so you can wear one on each wrist simultaneously. They provide the right amount of pressure to help relieve the symptoms of nausea or motion sickness. Such a smart product! We both wore ours the whole time and it made such a difference when we rode anything. I highly recommend Psi Bands because it’s a natural way to combat motion sickness and they can be used by anyone. Hint, if you’re preggo, this is a must have!
Here are my quick thoughts on Busch Gardens. I liked it and I had fun but I probably won’t be back anytime soon. My kids are just too little for a theme park like this with mostly roller coasters and they just wouldn’t have the best time. When they are older for sure we will take them!
Shanis and I talked about how we both thought this was a smaller place but it’s actually pretty huge and if I could do it over I’d spend two days there instead of one. There’s tons to see and do and I don’t think one day is enough. They offer different tickets, packages and passes so visit their website if you’re planning a trip.

My weekend away was fantastic! I loved meeting Shanis, Diana, other moms at MommyCon and just having a little getaway for just me. What’s even more amazing is how people I’ve met through blogging have now turned into real life friends. We’re actually already planning another blogger trip for next spring!




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