The Perfect Sleep Shirt – Featuring The Dreamland Company

I don’t know about you but I am all about staying in my pajamas all day if I can. I love pajamas! I’m not ashamed to admit I may actually own more sleep clothes than regular clothes and I’m not sorry one bit.

The problem is it can be a little difficult to find pajamas that are comfortable and stylish. No one wants to walk around feeling like a frumpy mess just because they are getting ready for bed right? That’s where The Dreamland Company comes in!

The Perfect Sleep Shirt with The Dreamland Company - Simply Bessy

*This post is sponsored by The Dreamland Company. They provided me with a sleep shirt for review. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

If you are looking for style and comfort in your sleepwear, then look no further than the “Dreamshirt” or as I like to call it, the Perfect Sleep Shirt.

This Dreamshirt was created by two moms (because moms get stuff done) who felt like the pajama options were scarce for women. You either had too sexy or too frumpy and they decided to change that. I personally love supporting women owned businesses and knowing their story makes me want to support them even more. You can read their whole story here.


The Dreamshirt is made of a high quality cotton/spandex fabric that is unique to sleepwear. Lots of sleepwear is made with cheap fabrics and can be itchy, scratchy and doesn’t last. The Dreamshirt really feels like the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn to sleep and feels so sturdy!



I also love how modest it is. I mean, I’m a mom and I need to wrangle two wild boys every morning. I need to be able to run around in my sleepwear and not feel like it’s going to fall off or make me feel like I can’t even open the front door to get the mail! When I’m in my Dreamshirt I feel covered up but still a little sexy. It’s the perfect combination.


I am seriously obsessed with my Dreamshirt and can’t wait to get more in different colors and prints. I do love the cute glasses of my “shady lady” style though!


Use code SIMPLEMOM for $5 OFF you order!


So if you’re looking to get out of your old pj’s and wanting to get style & comfort with your sleepwear, the Dreamshirt from The Dreamland Company is perfect for you!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hide away in my bed with my perfect sleep shirt.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Follow The Dreamland Company on Instagram here & like their Facebook page here.



One thought

  1. I love this! Been looking to branch out from my ancient t-shirts when it comes to pjs, and these look so cute 🙂 great work x


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