8 Must Have Toddler Essentials

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Hi, thanks for letting me take over The Simple Mom Life to share our toddler essentials! I’m Kerry and I blog over at XO Kerry, a mom + style blog. I’m sure you can tell by the graphic that I have a little girl. She is almost 2.5 and is the light of my life. She is also a toddler so she’s crazy, messy, full of energy and sass. These things help us get through the day a little easier and happier.
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1. DockATot Grande. I wrote a whole post (HERE) on why we love the DockATot Grande. We just recently started using it in our toddler’s big girl bed to help her from rolling out and it’s a game changer! It makes bed transitioning so much easier.
2. Re-Play Recycled Toddler Feeding Set. We have been using Re-Play products since our daughter was 6 months old. We love the sturdiness of them and all the fun mix and match colors. Plus, they are made in the USA from recycled milk cartons. How cool is that?
3. Play Clothes. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom it’s don’t spend a ton on fancy clothes! Sure, I want my daughter to look cute but she also needs to be comfortable. We love the Cat & Jack line at Target. The clothes are stylish as well as perfect for play! The tees are only $4.50 and leggings are $5. They go on sale all the time too! Exact tee | Exact leggings
4. Comfortable Shoes. One thing I will splurge on clothes-wise is shoes. Toddler shoes need to be well made, comfortable and supportive. I don’t know about yours but my toddler still falls down all the time. I want her toes covered and her ankles supported. Some of our favorite brands are Vans, Natives (fake ones are great too!), and Cat & Jack. Exact shoes.
5. Stroller. Toddlers say they want to walk but in reality they get tired or bored. FAST. We love the Baby Jogger Summit X3 because it has all the perks of a jogging stroller (maneuverability, style, function) but it’s not as big and clunky as some of the other brands. It folds up in one easy step and I can carry it with one arm.
6. Oxiclean. I learned right away that babies are messy. Now that she is a toddler it’s no different but it seems like she finds more ways to get dirty in one day! I throw a scoop of Oxiclean in her laundry and everything always comes out looking great. I love it for soaking shoes too!
7. Training Pants/Potty Training Gear. I’m not an expert on this because we are just starting to potty train but I think we’ve got all the gear we need! Potty chair, training pants, big girl underwear, potty training books and stickers (for reward) are the essentials I picked up.
8. Booster Seat. Toddlers get to a point when they no longer want to sit in a high chair. They want to be a big kid and sit at the table like everyone else! I picked up this Minnie Mouse Feeding Booster Seat for my daughter because she loves Minnie. We use it for meal times but I also love to use it for craft time. I can strap her in and give her paints and crayons and she’ll be occupied for a little while. Mom win!
Are you a toddler mom? What are some of your everyday essentials? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. If your baby is about to become a toddler, I hope you find these tips useful!



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  1. Great post. My girl is about the same age. I’m going to look into the Dock A Tot. I think it could really work for our family.

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