Top 10 Baby Essentials

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Hello everyone! First of all, I want to thank Bessy for giving me this opportunity to guest post on her blog. My name is Jasmin, I am a mom of two amazing boys Parker (2) and Carter (5mo). I am 26 years old and I live in Houston, TX. Along with blogging, I have a YouTube channel where I love share some baby updates, beauty products, and makeup looks. I really hope you enjoy this post and that it helps any of you soon to be mommies or new mommies with the things that you must have during the first months of our baby’s life.
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Top Ten Baby Essentials
I must admit that when I had Parker, I had absolutely no idea of what I needed. I pretty much went with what I was familiar with. There are so many things I wish I had with Parker and so many things I regret. I followed all the blog posts and all the YouTube videos yet somehow things didn’t go as they should have.  Now that I’ve had a second baby, I am more aware of things, I pay attention to my and my baby’s needs,  I’ve had experiences with my first baby, and somethings I wish I had done differently and some stayed the same.
Today, I am bringing you the top 10 things that truly made a difference between my first baby and my second. I am not including items needed for breastfeeding or formula feeding as everyone is different and we all have different opinions on both. If you are interested, I could definitely write a second blog post on the things that helped me through both breastfeeding and formula feeding.
1. The item that I would recommend again and again is the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play (make sure it’s the automatic kind). What I love about the Rock n’ Play is that it’s so light weight, portable, and self-rocking. When Carter was first born, I kept him the Rock n’ Play when I wasn’t holding him. I could easily move the Rock n’ Play wherever I needed to be, whether it be the bathroom to shower, the kitchen, the living room, etc. you get the point.
2. If you are thinking you want to co-sleep the DocATot is the way to go. The DocATot keeps your baby close to you and the shape makes it so that baby is safe and secure. It is 100% breathable, machine washable, hypo allergenic, portable, and it doesn’t harbor heat. It is designed to keep the baby snug and feeling like he/she is back in the womb. We definitely got great use out of it for the first three months of baby’s like before transitioning him into his Pack n’ Play.
3. Everyone is always telling you how to swaddle a baby and what swaddle blankets to use. What they don’t tell you is that after a few weeks, you will have a little Houdini that will break out every time! That is why I recommend the Ollie World Swaddle. You guys, this swaddle is by far the easiest way to swaddle a baby. No dealing with blankets that fall apart, no zippers, no fuss, no mess! You just use the Velcro to secure it around baby and you’re done! The bottom of the swaddle remains open for quick and easy diaper changes. (Currently Sold Out)
4. Speaking of swaddles, I am obsessed with Muslin blankets. They are super lightweight and soft, bonus because I actually use them as a car seat cover! I really wish I had these when I had my first baby.
5. We all know that baby clothes are so cute and we plan all the outfits. Well, let me tell you that getting a newborn’s head over a onesie is the worst feeling in the world. Their arms and legs are swinging all over, they are crying and the process feels like it takes ages to get done. I am telling you now that zippered onesies are the way to go! No fuss and they are super easy to put on and take off in case the baby has a blow-out. Any brand is fine, just make sure they are zippered because buttons are also a pain. I love these!
6. Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, a nursing pillow is a must have. I breastfed and bottle fed both my kids and I relied on the nursing pillow to give my arm support while cradling my baby. Those midnight/ early morning feedings when you’re half asleep, that nursing pillow will be your hero giving you extra support.
7. Something that we cannot live without since the boys were born is a sound machine. I swear, that thing is magical! It drowns out all the noise and it creates a soothing environment for baby. My kids cannot fall asleep without this and neither can we. We have gone through a few machines and this is by far our favorite.
8. Baby carrying was one of my favorite things. I was able to carry the baby around the house, to the store and he would be curled up and close to me. I really recommend the Baby K’Tan because it is so easy to put on since it is a wrap without the wrapping. The double loop design makes it so quick and easy to wear.
9. Getting out the door with two kids proved to be harder than I thought, carrying a baby in the car seat gets really heavy and the car seat takes up too much room in the cart. For those days the Binxy Baby Hammock is there to save the day! I love that baby is nice a snug and there is plenty of room for groceries between the hammock and the shopping cart.
10. My last must have is a diaper bag backpack. No matter if you have two kids or one kid, having a backpack diaper bag makes it so easy your hands are free and you don’t have to worry about the strap falling or having a ton of weight on one shoulder. Although I am still on the hunt for the perfect diaper bag backpack, I’ve had great success with this bag from Walmart. If you want more options, Bessy has some amazing posts here and here.
These are my top 10 must haves for baby, whether you are a new mommy, soon to be mom or mom of multiples. I hope these items help you make life a little bit easier. I hope you enjoyed and be sure to let us know what items worked best for you.



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