What’s in our Disney Park Bags – Mom & Dad Edition

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*This post is sponsored by Tactical Baby Gear and contains affiliate link. Some of the other items mentioned in this post were sent to me for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Picking and packing the right bag for Disney can make or break a trip! Especially when going with kids because you need to stock up on all kinds of essentials to make it through a full day at the parks.
My husband and I usually take 1 backpack each and it works great for our family. We are hands-free to push strollers and hold our kids’ hands while still carrying all of our stuff comfortably. On our most recent trip, my husband carried his Tactical Baby Gear backpack and I used my Jujube BFF bag.
We go to Disney World a lot and finally have it down to a science exactly what we need to take into the parks to help us make the most out of our magical visit.
What's in our Disney world park bags

Dad’s Bag

Before I dive into what is in the bag, let me talk about the bag itself. My husband is very into manly looking bags and prefers a traditional backpack style. When he saw this bag from Tactical Baby Gear, he new he had to have it. It was the perfect early Father’s Day gift and served as his park bag for Disney.
IMG_1913The TBG Daypack 2.0 is a diaper bag backpack made especially for dads (but I’d rock it too because it’s pretty awesome). It has a military style to it with lots of pockets, padded straps, and even includes a 2.5 L hydration bladder with bite valve.
There is no other bag on the market that looks like this! My husband loved it and his favorite part was adding velcro patches to the front to make it more personalized.
It makes a great Disney bag because it’s comfortable, spacious (but not too big), and can hold a ton of stuff! We packed it to the rim and it really held up. I personally love this bag because it’s a true backpack with a unique look and it won’t make dad feel like he’s stuck with a random diaper bag.

What’s inside?

Mother Load Bags (a color coded diaper bag organization system)

  • 1 complete outfit for each child in the pink bag
  • sandwiches & snacks for all 4 of us in the yellow bag (we pack our own lunch to save time & money)
  • extra food & snacks for the kids in the green bag (you can never pack enough food!)

– water bottles for the kids
– hand sanitizer
– mini first aid kit from Me4Kidz
– glow sticks and wands from the Dollar Tree (we take these so we don’t buy the expensive glow toys in the parks)
– any souvenirs we purchased we also stuffed in here

Mom’s Bag

My bag of choice for Disney is the Jujube BFF diaper bag. I love this bag for Disney because it’s machine washable, has memory foam straps and so many pockets to fill with everything I need. This works for us because my husband carries the kids’ things and our food, while I have mostly my items and any extra essentials just in case.
The BFF is the perfect size where it’s not too big and not too small, has insulated pockets on either side and even a tech pocket that fits my iPhone 7+!

What’s inside?

– Wipes (baby wipes, Neat Cheeks, & flush-able bathroom wipes)
– Minnie Mouse ears
– Sunscreen (spray bottle, face stick & lotion)
– sunglasses – I love this pair from target
– water bottle
– reusable shopping bag (it’s great for having extra storage for souvenirs or works as a wet bag)
– camera (I have this canon & it’s protected by this soft case that fits well in my bags)
– hand sanitizer
iPhone 7+ extra battery case
– wallet (mine is this one from O-Venture)
– set of Travelon packing cubes

  • small sized one used for ear buds, phone cable & camera charger
  • medium sized one used for a med/first aid kit
  • large sized one used for “emergency” items

For the most part this is what we take in our bags whenever we go to Disney World. Sometimes I will choose a different bag for myself depending on if I need a larger one but I mostly stick to this Jujube BFF because I know it won’t get ruined and I can throw it in the wash after our trip.
A few extra items we sometimes pack in our Disney bags are raincoats/ponchos, extra socks for me & my husband (just in case), travel utensils, a towel for sitting on the floor (an old change pad works as well), small battery operated fan, and a small table top tripod for my camera/iPhone.
Well, I hope this was helpful and gives you an idea of what to pack in your Disney park bag for your next trip to the happiest place on Earth!



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