Memorial Day Weekend at Disney World

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If you follow my blog and social media then you already know I am a Disney freak and so is my family. We love going to Disney World whenever we get a chance and we’re even annual passholders.
My boys’ birthdays are only a month apart so we always do a Disney trip in the Spring to celebrate them and this time we chose Memorial Day weekend to visit. Going on a holiday weekend isn’t our favorite because of the crowds but we made the best of it and had a great time. Oh and the weather was perfection with clear bright blue skies!
We arrived on Friday late afternoon and after dropping off our bags at the hotel we headed straight for Magic Kingdom. It was certainly filled with people and that gave me some anxiety but it was okay. We are avid Disney goers and every time we go we take it slow and if we miss some attractions it’s fine because we will be back.

Magic Kingdom is my personal favorite and I always feel like a kid again when I walk in. That’s the Disney magic working for real!

One of our favorite things to do is meet the characters. It may seem crazy to some people to make a line just to meet a character but it’s my favorite part of Disney. Seeing my kids’ faces light up with pure excitement when they see their on-screen buddies right in front of them just makes the whole experience worth it for me. We saw Tinker Bell, Mickey, Donald & Goofy at Magic Kingdom.
Magician Mickey is the boys’ favorite character stop! We MUST see him every time we go to Magic Kingdom.

Saturday morning we went back to Magic Kingdom and left midday to visit Hollywood Studios. Even though Studios is under a lot of refurbishment right now (they are building Star Wars Land & Toy Story Land) it’s still a fun park and we all love it. One of the best things we did was a character buffet for an early dinner. It was EXPENSIVE but we ate a lot and got to spend extra time with the characters we love so we got our money’s worth. The spot we chose was Hollywood & Vine and the food delish!

Another super cool and a first for our kids was making a lightsaber in the Star Wars gift shop (right next to the ride). Only one of the boys wanted to do it and he had a blast! It’s actually really affordable and makes for a fun souvenir/toy.

He got to pick each part of the lightsaber even down to the buttons and handle! The experience was adorable and he was so proud with the result.
My husband’s favorite park is Epcot and we spent Sunday morning & early afternoon there. The boys actually love this park too and are always excited when we go because they are very into The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction and the huge (5.7 million gallons) salt-water aquarium. The Flower & Garden Festival was still going on and we enjoyed a lot of the topiaries as well.

Memorial Day weekend was the grand opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom so we didn’t plan on visiting that park but we went on a spur of the moment whim and ended up there later afternoon after Epcot.
We got to Animal Kingdom around 3:30 pm and it seemed the big crowds were leaving making it the perfect time for us to come in and see the new area. The crowds came back around 7:00 pm (as we were leaving) to see Pandora at night. I’m glad we went when we did because we were able to see the whole area, ride Na’vi River Journey and even some of our other favorite attractions at Animal Kingdom.

It was so hot the whole weekend (felt like 1,000 degrees!) but the skies were clear and perfect. Some tantrums aside, we had a great time and I’m already planning our return for November!
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I don’t want to bombard you with a million pictures but here are a few more of my favorite shots from the trip.



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