Disney On Ice – Family Fun Night

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We are a big Disney family, as in we live & breathe all things Disney, so I knew we had to go to Disney On Ice when it came to our city. I’m so happy we went for a Family Fun Night out!

This post was sponsored by Feld Entertainment & Disney On Ice. They provided us with tickets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Disney On Ice - Family Fun Night - Simply Bessy - Disney
My husband and I never really get to surprise the boys so we took this opportunity to keep this event a secret until we got there. It was so worth it! The boys had no clue where we were going but were excited to wear their new Mickey Mouse shirts. Since David can read, we handed him the tickets when we got there and had him read aloud the name of the show. Their little faces lit up with joy and I knew we were going to have a great time!

Walking into the arena we were immediately immersed into the world of Disney. There were souvenirs galore and music from the movies we were going to see live playing over the speakers. It really made us feel like we were at Disney!

The show we got to see is the Worlds of Enchantment. I read the show information on the website prior and knew my kids would really enjoy this one. My only concern was the start time of 7:00 pm as my kids have a usual 8:00 pm bed time. However, we didn’t have any problems keeping them awake and they seemed very happy the entire length of the show. We also saw lots of people with babies & toddlers there with no issues at all, they were definitely enjoying themselves.
The show began with Mickey & his pals welcoming us to their adventure. The crowd went wild when the classic Disney characters came out! They transported us into the world of Toy Story 3 and we saw Andy & all his toys skating around on the ice. Barbie and Ken were a definite highlight! They had some cool flips and tricks and recreated some of the famous scenes from the movie.
Then we went under the sea to visit the world of The Little Mermaid and her pals. We loved singing and dancing along with Sebastian, Ariel and Flounder! Jacob loves Ariel and his face was beaming when she came out.

About an hour into the show, there was a short intermission and then we were greeted again by Mickey and his crew to head to another enchanted place. This time it was Radiator Springs where our favorite Cars reside. I have to say this was the boys’ top part of the night! Seeing the cars slipping & sliding all over the ice was so cool and really impressive.
We ended the night in Arendelle with sisters Ana & Elsa, Olaf, & Kristoff! When Queen Elsa sang her signature song I swear the entire arena sang along with her. It was so beautiful and my kids couldn’t take their eyes off the ice.

I highly recommend going to see Disney On Ice when it comes near you. Go to disneyonice.com to check out all the shows they offer, schedules & ticket info!
Whether you have a baby, toddler, or school-aged kids, this is fun for the whole family. We even saw people in the crowd without any kids! Disney really transcends age and it’s about the love of magic, wonder and enchantment. We really felt the magic of Disney at the show and the best time!
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