Legoland Florida – First Impression & Review

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Legoland Florida - Simply Bessy
*Legoland Florida provided me tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

As Florida natives, I couldn’t believe we’d never been to Legoland with our kids. I mean, we are Disney people through and through but it’s nice to explore what else the Sunshine State has in store right? That’s exactly why I was so excited when the boys started loving legos and playing with them more and more. Now that I knew they were into Legos it was time to take them to Legoland!
The Beginning
I started by visiting their website and checking out the deals. They always have great deals so look on there first! It can be a little overwhelming for a first timer so when I got confused I simply picked up the phone and talked to the customer service. They were very helpful and really nice. We couldn’t book at the new Legoland Hotel because it was booked but we were able to get a great price for one of their Partner Hotels.
Staying at either the Legoland Hotel or a partner hotel gives you the same benefits of entering the park prior to opening (Bonus Brick Time aka Early park access) so it’s something to consider for sure. We loved being able to walk in at 9:30 am instead of the regular 10:00 am. That extra half hour really made a difference! I also found that there are not that many options for hotels in the Winter Haven area so you are better off staying at one of the options on their site or you’ll have to stay much further away.

The Legoland Hotel is literally connected to the left of the entrance to the park.

Getting There
Since we weren’t lucky enough to book at the Legoland Hotel we had to drive our car to the park daily. The parking opens at around 9:00 am (although their website states it opens at 9:30 am) and we were there every day around that time. There are a few options for parking but we chose the preferred parking and that granted us a space closest to the entrance under a shaded area. It only costs $5 more and was totally worth it for us, especially after a long day of walking in the Florida sun. Also, getting there super early in the morning was the best because we got the best spot! I recommend doing the same.
You can actually purchase regular parking ahead of time online here and save $2! (Only for regular parking not preferred).
For any other info regarding maps, driving directions, rental car, & a Orlando shuttle to the park visit their site here.
There’s my husband walking to our car, it’s the blue SUV right in the first spot!

First Stop
Before you get to the entrance you will have to walk through security and get your bag checked. This is standard of any theme park so we were prepared with our bags opened and ready for inspection. After bag check, my husband and I walked through a metal detector one at a time while the security took our kids in their strollers to the side. We then headed straight to the entrance for Hotel Guests.
Once inside, our first stop was Guest Services.
Here we had the boys’ heights measured and they were given a color coded wrist band with their corresponding height in inches. This is by far my favorite thing they offer! I think every theme park should get on it and implement this because it saved us time and stress. We already knew which rides each boy could do and we planned accordingly. There was also no need to measure each child at every ride, although some ride attendants did so anyway for safety on some of the roller coasters.

We also got a Hero Pass for our oldest, David, who has Autism. The hero pass is for guests with special situations that may have difficulty waiting in lines. You can read all the Hero Pass guidelines here.

Along with the Hero Pass, they placed a Disability sticker on his stroller for easy access. This allowed his stroller to be treated as a wheelchair in case he had a panic attack and didn’t want to get out of the stroller. We are used to this type of pass system because we get it at Disney as well but at Legoland it was a little different. They hand you a paper with your name and number of guests in your party that you must hand to each ride attendant for access. Each attraction that participates in the Hero Pass does have a separate entrance and that made it easy to use.
*You can see in the picture above it says Premium Play Pass. This is a separate pass for front of line access you can purchase ahead of time or at the entrance. See all pricing and info for this here.
Exploring the Park
Legoland is big and there are lots of things to see and ride. I found the crowds to be lowest from park open to about 12:00 pm and much more crowded in the afternoon. It’s best to walk to the end and work towards the front but we let the boys lead the way and just followed what they wanted to do.
The park is designed for kids to enjoy so the rides and attractions are catered to kids. Everything is interactive, there are lego stations in the waiting cues for kids to play with while parents wait in line, and a lot of the rides they can actually ride alone if they are tall enough. I almost felt left out of the fun a lot of the time and it made me a little bored to be honest. I appreciate that kids are their number one priority but we love to do things as a family and I wish there was more for the parents as well. Although I will say my boys had a blast and felt like big kids riding alone.

There are 23 rides in Legoland Florida and we were able to do 16 of them! Some we did all together and some the kids enjoyed alone but overall the ones we got on were a lot of fun. My favorite was the Aquazone Wave Racers and I got soaked! The rides we skipped were either because of height restriction or we just weren’t crazy about them.
There are also splash areas, play areas, and plenty of tot friendly zones throughout the park. Our kids were more interested in rides so we only took advantage of the Imagination Zone aka lego paradise! It was the perfect place to relax, and explore legos while getting away from the sun for a bit.

Must Dos
Don’t miss the Pirate’s Cove Live Water Ski Show it’s 20 minutes of Pirates & Water Skiing spectacular!
Snap a pic with the Pirate crew after the show!

Ford Driving School & Ford Jr. Driving School are definite must dos! Kids take full control of the car and drive to earn their license! The kids got a paper licence at the end of the ride and we purchased their plastic license with their photo afterwards. This was the boys’ favorite ride by far!

Miniland USA is breathtaking! We loved walking around and seeing the cities made out of legos. This was definitely a highlight for my husband and me.

Tips & Extras
Even though this was our first time going, I got a pretty good feel for Legoland and gathered some tips & advice to pass on hopefully helping others with their visit.

  • The Park is only open Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Make sure you check the park times before you book!
  • If you’re a first timer get a FREE First Visit pin at Guest Services. They also have Birthday pins.
    Jacob proudly showing his First Visit pin!
  • Take your own food! We spent $5o for lunch the first day and it was a huge mistake! The next day we packed ham & cheese sandwiches, chips, drinks and snacks and saved a ton. You are allowed to bring in food that does not need to be warmed so keep that in mind.
  • There are family bathrooms everywhere! Every bathroom spot had a male, female and family bathroom available.
  • Take mini lego figurines to trade with the employees aka Model Citizens.
  • Take your time and don’t rush! With little ones, it’s important to plan out your day with them in mind and take it slow.
  • Check the family guide before you book your trip! It includes all ride info & height requirement for every ride in the park.

Fun fact, each one of these figures took over 126 hours to make!

Overall, we had a great time at Legoland Florida. My kids loved it and really enjoyed taking charge and guiding mom & dad through the park for a change. I’d say they are prime age for this park being they are 4 and 6 years old, anyone younger or older may not enjoy it as much. We spent two days in the park but it’s definitely doable in one day with the right planning and patience.
For us, I think next time we visit it will be for only one day. It’s not my favorite theme park I’ve ever been to, personally because I didn’t feel like I loved it as much as my kids, but I guess that’s the point. However, the staff is very friendly, the park was clean and I did feel like I was immersed into a world of Legos. It’s somewhere we’d definitely go again!
Thank you Legoland Florida for partnering with me for this review.



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