Parents Night Out at The Mother of All Baby Showers

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My husband and I were invited to a Parent’s Night Out at The Mother of All Baby Showers recently and it was such a fun date night!
The MOABS (mother of all baby showers) is an adults only one night event for parents &  parents-to-be to get showered with information and chance to discover important products. We went to the South Florida event and had a blast!

*This post is sponsored by The Mother of All Baby Showers. All photos, and thoughts are 100% my own.

The South Florida event took place at the Young At Art Museum in Davie, Florida. We’d never been there and were excited to visit a new place. The venue did not disappoint at all. My first thought when we walked in was, “What a cool place for a parenting event!” And it was super cool. Most of these types of events take place in a convention center and have an expo sort of feel but this really felt like a date night. I know this is exactly what Amy Lundy, the founder of MOABS was going for when she created it; an unconventional yet educational night out sans kids. Oh yea, kids need not apply here because they’re not allowed. They really only let tiny babes in that will stay in a baby carrier, if not, leave your kiddos at home and enjoy a night out.

When I spoke to Amy (in the picture with me above) she told me she “took a risk” by making this an adults only event but it paid off in the end. The truth is parents can’t think straight when their kids are around and for something like this, it’s best to go without interruptions.

Read more about Amy & how she created MOABS here!

My favorite part of the event was walking around and meeting the different vendors and brands. We met with Diono, Picture Parties, Miami Diaper Bank, La Croix, Pottery Barn Kids, Babies R US, and Shipt just to name a few. But there was so many booths to visit all with tons of useful information for new parents and even “not so new” parents.

The food was also fantastic! I really appreciated being able to stop at different booths and sample yummy treats. My husband loved that part too. Cupcakes, donuts, popsicles, ice cream, pasta, vegan meals, cannolis, popcorn, and even a little wine (for those of us not expecting)! Everything was amazing and it was all local vendors I didn’t even know about before.

It wasn’t all food & free samples though, they also offered some great Educational Sessions & giveaways. We didn’t join in on any sessions because they were more geared for parents of younger kids but I’m sure they were filled with excellent information & tips. What I did like a lot is how the sessions all took place in the same room just at different times. It made it super easy for everyone and kept everything organized.
My husband and I ended the night munching on donuts and raving about all the people we met and the fun we had. As a blogger, I left excited about the brands I spoke with and can’t wait to work with some of them soon. The only thing I’m sad about is that I have to wait a whole year until this comes around again!

Make sure to check out The Mother of All Baby Showers for event info, tickets and cities!



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