Top 12 Mom Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

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I love Instagram. I’ve been using it for over a year as social media influencer and it’s my favorite app for sure! You can read the 5 Lessons I Learned as a Social Media Influencer on Instagram for some tips.

Instagram started as an app to share beautiful images and artsy photos but has grown into a powerful marketing tool for businesses and bloggers. I love following bloggers, especially mommy bloggers! They are some of the most creative and interesting people and I learn so much from them everyday. As a new blogger myself, I like to follow other bloggers to build friendships and get some real inspiration. I even loved following bloggers before I became one because they have the best advice and all the latest products.
Mom Bloggers to Follow on Instagram
It’s so hard to narrow it down to just a few favorites, but I’ve compiled a list of my Top 12 Bloggers to follow on Instagram! And yes, they are all mommies!

These are people I genuinely love to follow, interact with, and really believe inspire others with their daily posts.
This list is in no particular order and I also didn’t choose anyone based on their follower count. I literally went through my Instagram and picked just a handful of the blogger mamas I adore and think everyone needs to follow!

Click on their usernames below to go straight to their Instagram accounts!

1. @katiemcrenshaw

Katie is one of the accounts I check every single day! She’s inspirational, isn’t afraid to share her views, body positive and has an amazing little family. Her daughter has the best personality and her boys are just as cute. I really enjoy reading everything Katie publishes whether it’s a blog post or an Instagram story!

Check out her blog here.

2. @thespeciallifeofus


Ileana is one of the sweetest people I’ve met on Instagram. She is always ready with a genuine compliment and always makes me smile. She is a big advocate for her daughter Giselle who has cerebral palsy and shares their journey on her IG and her blog. Ileana’s Instagram account is so real it makes me feel like I’m just following a friend and I love it!

Check out her blog here!

3. @thewildecoelis

unnamed (1)
Katie lives in Nova Scotia! How cool is that?! Maybe it’s just cool to me because I don’t know anyone else from there but I think it’s just the best. Her Instagram feed is so gorgeous between the pictures of her kids and the backdrop of where she lives. I also really love how she’s not afraid to post a nursing picture or pose in a bathing suit, it’s really encouraging for other moms.

Check out her blog here!

4. @faithfullyshannan

unnamed (2)
Shannan is one of the first blogger friends I made through IG! We started chatting via direct message and connected immediately since we are both Florida bloggers and boy moms. I love how smart she is about blogging, monetizing her blog and social media and making this her business. She’s always there to answer my million questions too! Her Instagram feed is also beautiful and her family is adorable.

Check out her blog here!

5. @grumblinggrace

unnamed (3)
Abbie is one of the funniest bloggers I know! I love her sense of humor and ability to poke fun at herself and not take things too seriously. Her Instagram feed really speaks to me because it’s very realistic. It’s full of pictures of her daily life and it just feels like she’s snapping away with her phone and doesn’t bombard her feed with professional photos. Don’t get me wrong, professional shots are beautiful and I love those too but it’s nice to see a blogger being more real and transparent. Also, Abbie can ice skate and push a stroller at the same time and that’s just impressive! Go see it on her page!

Check out her blog here!

6. @mego

unnamed (5) - Copy
Meg is what I like to call a “professional blogger.” She’s full of experience, scores major collabs with big brands and has a killer Instagram feed. I love following her for beauty tips and fashion. She always looks really nice but it’s attainable and I feel like it’s something I can pull together for myself as well. I also love how her Instagram feed flows nicely and seems to all connect with a theme of bright and clear images. Oh and she’s into musical theater and that’s a big win for me!

Check out her blog here!

7. @lifeofaministermom

unnamed (6)
Patricia is a beautiful person inside and out. I’ve been following her since I started my page and she’s always been supportive and really nice to me and others. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her super cute daughters, selfies, great products and recently she’s showcased other bloggers. I really love how selfless and giving she is and just a pleasure to follow.

Check out her blog here!


unnamed (7)
Shanis is a ball of fire! Her personality really shines through her Instagram feed in every post. She has a great sense of humor, doesn’t take herself too seriously and isn’t afraid to post a real life unplanned moment. Oh yea and she’s the selfie queen! I don’t blame her though because if I had that hair I’d be showing it off too!

Check out her blog here!

9. @myplotofsunshine

unnamed (8)
Lauren’s page is one of my favorites for fashion tips and just overall style inspiration. She’s always sharing the cutest clothes and sometimes matches with her baby girl like in the picture above. I don’t have girls so this is extra cute for me!!

Check out her blog here!

10. @lexiloolilyliamdylantoo

unnamed (9)
Stephanie is a ray of sunshine. She shares pictures of her big family and I love them all! She has 4 kids so she has her hands full but they are just adorable. Stephanie is also a big advocate for Down Syndrome because of her baby boy Liam. Her posts about him are so amazing and I love learning more about him! I love following her Instagram because she has a great balance between motherhood & blogging and that’s the kind of blogger I aim to be.

Check out her blog here!

11. @momwithoutlabels

unnamed (10)
Shannon is another one of those “professional bloggers” I love to follow. She has been featured on Scary Mommy, Huffington Post and Little Things! Her Instagram feed is full of all kinds of mommy related products and some fashion and beauty as well. Shannon is one of those bloggers I like to learn from and her posts help me brainstorm ideas for my own feed!

Check out her blog here!

12. @kozyandco

unnamed (11)
Jessica is such a creative mom and a great cook. I’d love to taste her meals through my phone! Seeing her yummy recipes on her Instagram makes me want to pick up my pots and pans and whip something up. I also really admire her eye for photography with her cool angles and pops of color in her posts. Jessica happens to be a very sweet person and I know I can contact her with any blogging or mommy questions at any time!

Check out her blog here!

“When women support other women, incredible things happen!”


So there you have it, a list of 12 mom bloggers I think everyone should follow! These ladies all have something different that makes them special and makes their Instagram pages stand out.

I definitely recommend checking them out, trust me you will love them just as much as I do. If you stop by their page let them know Bessy sent you!



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8 thoughts on “Top 12 Mom Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

  1. What a great list! I was already following some of these ladies and love them but you introduced me to a few new faces! Thanks Bessy!

  2. I’m following most of the wonderful mamas on here and going to follow the rest! Thank you so much for the feature!!

  3. Thank you SO much for the feature, Bessy! I am sorry I am finally getting around to commenting, but you really did make my whole week! I am among some amazing ladies on that list!!!!

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