Getting our "Sheet Together" – with QuickZip sheets

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Zippered Sheets Review

*QuickZip Sheet sent me their zippered sheets for review. All opinions are 100% my own. This post contains an affiliate link.

Have you ever tried to fold a fitted sheet? Like, actually tried to fold one the way the internet says to? Well, it’s basically impossible. I tried and I ended up just giving up halfway and balling it up before spewing a bunch of curse words and throwing it on the floor. Point blank, I feel like I can handle a zombie apocalypse much better than I can deal with fitted sheets!
There had to be a better way to do this so I started searching the web and stumbled on QuickZip Sheet aka a genius invention by a mom tired of dealing with fussy fitted sheets. I always trust a product made by a mom so I jumped for joy at the chance to collaborate with this brand and review their product.
The QuickZip sheet is a fitted base with a zippered sheet that can be changed in seconds without hassle. You can read all about how it works here. The beauty in this is the one time application. You only have to apply the base like a traditional fitted sheet the very first time and after that it’s only changing the zippered sheet in a snap.

My boys have bunk beds and changing the sheets on those is my least favorite task. I have to take the mattress out and by the time I’m done I feel like I’ve run a marathon! The moment I opened up the QuickZip package I literally sighed with relief knowing I’d never had to lift their mattresses ever again.
It’s so easy that even my boys can do it themselves, and what’s even better is they actually think it’s fun! They’re also the safest sheets around because they don’t budge. I love how they don’t move and always make the bed look super neat even if it’s not fully made.
Laundry is also faster! QuickZip sheets aren’t as bulky as regular fitted sheets so they take up less space in the wash needing less detergent, essentially saving both time and money. It’s also space-saving in our drawer where we keep all the spare sheets and blankets. That drawer used to overflow constantly and now it’s so organized making me a very happy mom.
I was sent the Twin Collection Starter Pack in Grey and that includes the fitted base + the cotton zip-on sheet. They feel very nice and are very comfortable to sleep on. I’ve actually laid on their bed myself to try them out and I didn’t want to move because they are that great. In fact, I’m getting some for my bed as well!
In my opinion, everything about this product is amazing from the quality to the women running the company. I love how they turned a negative experience of changing fitted sheets in a crib into a product that makes life easier. To learn all about their journey click here.
You may be thinking, “Oh come on, a fitted sheet isn’t that bad” and for the average person it may not be, but let’s think about those with health issues or disabilities that prevent them from day-to-day activities, this can be life changing! I’ve had surgery recently and being able to zip on and off sheets has been a blessing.
My oldest son, pictured below, has Autism and although he’s high-functioning his motor skills are delayed making it harder for him to tackle regular tasks. With QuickZip, he feels empowered changing his own sheet and being able to do it completely on his own. That makes this worth it to me. Even my younger son,who does not have any delays, loves the sheets and changing them like a big boy so it’s a win in our house.
QuickZip is available for the whole family! They have sizes for everything from cribs & playpens to California king beds. You can shop all their packs here!
Want to save some money?
Use code simplemom10 for 10% OFF your order (this is an affiliate code).
I highly recommend QuickZip Sheets for anyone looking to simplify their daily life. It’s really nice to not have to move the kids’ mattresses around to change their fitted sheets and do it in less time.
What are you waiting for? Go get your “sheet together” with QuickZip Sheet!



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4 Replies to “Getting our "Sheet Together" – with QuickZip sheets”

  1. I’d love to try these sheets with our soon to be foster kids, we are taking in infants up to 8 year olds and these would be wonderful! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  2. I think this would be awesome to have in my kids’ bed! My oldest still occasionally wets the bed. We have a waterproof plastic zip on sheet, but it would be great to have a quick zip sheet on top for easy sheet changes and washes!

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